How poetry talks of an Entrepreneur?

My poetic musings

I believe entrepreneurship is like an insect. It bites you — and it bites you really hard. But the nascent wound is worth it. It’s one of those times when you have a reason to believe you can move beyond Karma. My mom realised it now at the age of 51. She sits long hours at her table making stitches that go ahead to fetch praise (and of course money) from the finest men and women in the society.

With an inspired mind and heart, I offer a tribute to all the fighter entrepreneurs I know or I might not know. “The race will End, but a true entrepreneur’s legacy, shall know no Bend.”

A life too young,

walks out in the cold,

with no hands to hold;

too nascent though proud

shouting our loud:

“I will have a Porsche one day.”

A woman too strong,

who went tired -

firing the stove -

has now someone hired;

now works too late,

fighting her cuddling baby’s fate,

only so she can say one day:

“I am independent today.”

A man too restless,

of struggles in his life;

feeding at every step,

his children and wife;

gets up at night,

swears by his hard earned grain;

and with all his might

decides again:

(as if in youth today)

“We will have a lot of money one day.”

Walking long miles,

on streets too hot;

From their wallets

too early torn,

wishing a few coins

could be born;

Convince investors,

To let them be testers,

Given a million

They will make it a billion,

They walk the journey to that ‘one day’.

A startup may die,

but an Entrepreneur lives;

dreams of the pleasure

his life story gives-

to a boy too young,

a woman too tired,

a man too old,

and fires them all

to not settle,

for anything but gold.


Because one day,

the race will end;

but our Legacy,

shall know no bend.

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