Feminists, liberals and the free market economy

I am sure the title irks any sane reader as to the link. The link is of neo-liberal thoughts and the way we think civilization should progress socially. Humans have distinguished themselves from animals right from the beginning, by caring for the weak. We have propounded thoughts like the fruit-laden tree bows in humility and that rampaging hooligans find their end some fateful day. But is length of a life more important than the quality in that length?

Feminist values have stood for equality and not reversing gender status. As such demands for change without affecting other gender is indeed a tough task. Any minuscule error on their part gives way for criticism of the feminist ethos itself. A similar long-standing issue is the duel between Capitalism and Socialist principles. In efforts to counter capitalist forces, socialist forces went berserk. An ex-KGB agent details the horrific propagandist methods used to subdue cultural pockets into neo-colonialism. This creation of new shop alley for all sorts of experimenters ruined the socialist ethos forever. Now we are witnessing capitalist world in dominance, not because Capitalism is our way: because socialist movements bent its knees.

A similar fate seems to culminate for liberalism and feminism. I am not sure which goes into the coffin first. Also it is not for me to stop the fatal tendencies within them. I only care about the width of mark that they will leave in their respective anti-theses. For example, Socialist forces have reduced most modern economies into quasi-capitalist democracies. The contrasting integrity is increasingly being cemented and nations are concocting more complex features to not be found and labelled an instance of absolute capitalism. So must our liberals and feminists be able to leave their footprints in the sands of time. Some might object my declaring death of socialism. To them I say with confidence that I believe socialist regime has ended but its soul is here to stay forever. To that there is no denying. Why I say this is because optimism rides extremely well with liberalism and feminism. So some might label my words as condescending and even patriarchal.

Don’t even think of double negatives

The solution ahead is not in trying to find an immortalizing potion but rather in creating the nanobot that will make cellular level repairs. Feminists need to re-structure themselves and most importantly re-educate members of their ethos. Liberalism needs to stop taking sides for want of non-aligned principles. Both must absolutely refrain from anything brute. Forced opinions will be the last nail in their coffins. Speaking out for unjust feminist rants will go a long way if bolstered by the entire community. Ground level alteration in public opinion about these ideologies is also critical to their deepening of trust-roots. I am a liberal and a feminist. I am a meninist for those oppressed by the pseudo-feminists. Everyone is. But conveying out that what you actually want is important for winning this battle for equality. Equality of the entrepreneurs and the labor, equality of the man and the woman. Begging never helped. Forcing will neither. And don’t even think of double negatives. Let’s work for better.

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