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If you live in a climate where winter has arrived, you’ve probably already winterized your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve put away your sandals, summer dresses and swimsuits, and pulled out your winter boots, hat and gloves.

There’s plenty to do to get ready for winter. But you may not have realized that you can also winterize your well-being.

Winterizing your well-being means getting yourself mentally and physically prepared to feel good all winter long.

Winter can be a drag: that constant runny nose, needing to layer up before you go out, feeling that chill in your bones when you open the…

There’s a reason why “I’m my own worst critic” is a common saying. Whether we’re stressing about a presentation at work or worrying that we said the wrong thing to a friend, we tend to be really hard on ourselves. We often let our worries and self-doubt overtake us, making ourselves feel inadequate in the process. By learning the skill to speak more kindly to ourselves, we can reframe our thinking, conquer our self-doubts, and reduce our stress significantly — by 78%, according to studies!

Focus on the facts

One research-proven exercise we can do to develop this skill is…

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I once had a job in an office where the woman who sat in the cubicle behind mine spent seven out of the eight hours at work on the phone with friends, mostly talking about what she was having for dinner. She didn’t seem to care who could hear her (everyone) or whether she might be bothering anyone (me).

At another job, I had my own office, but the walls were thin. I could hear my boss next door every time she would cough or sigh or breathe. I could hear the keys clicking as she typed. …

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By Christine Ciampini

Do you ever feel like you have multiple tabs open in your brain? Like your mind is shifting between two to three different tasks and unable to find closure on any of them?

This definitely happens to me as I try to juggle work and volunteer projects, my children’s school happenings (What is the show-and-tell letter for tomorrow, again??), and… meals. …

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People! Have you heard of this show called “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”? It’s supposed to be hilarious. I mean, a divorcee in the 1950s who becomes a stand-up comedian? Amazing. My mom recommended it. I’m adding it to my queue right now! I’ll let you know what I think tomorrow.

Wait. What? It’s been out for two years? It won an Emmy and a Golden Globe? It’s insanely popular? My mom is more in touch than I am? Oh. I see.

OK, OK. I admit, even though, like everyone (and their mothers) I have seen the show, that’s often how…

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I recently asked this question to the members of the LiveBetter team and received the following answers:

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule–between the workweek and weekend, it’s all over the place!

Unable to go to sleep at a decent hour. I stay up late at night to get a head-start on the next day, then I’m a zombie the following day.

My children.

Thermostat battles with my wife! 🙈

So, what is your biggest sleep challenge right now?

If you answered the question, congratulations! You’ve taken a first step toward improving your sleep.

Everyone has sleep challenges, and research shows…

People Working Remotely Can Banter, Too!

As a full-time remote worker, I have to say one of the things I miss about being in an office is catching up with various coworkers after Labor Day weekend and asking them about what they’ve enjoyed in their last few days of summer. We’d often knock on each other’s office door to check in and say hi, or go for a quick walk to grab our first non-iced coffee of the fall.

These short, friendly interactions would last about 15–20 minutes, but they would always give me a boost in my work day and make me ready to return…

By Jess Li

Maya graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in psychology. During her time at university, she had worked in academic psychology research and community based mental health.

Following graduation, she went to work full time at a clinic providing support to adults with severe mental illness. Around this time, she connected with the LiveBetter founders and loved what they were creating: a personal well-being coach at scale. She felt there was an immense need for the product and appreciated the founders’ vision to leverage technology to democratize well-being support.

She began doing work…

I’ll admit it. I’m a guilty consumer of the all-you-can-read news.

I skim through the headlines when I wake up, check Twitter throughout the day, and “relax” in the evening by reading the news while watching Netflix.

I know, I know, it’s not great.

These days, the majority of news thrives off of our human instinct to pay more attention to threatening, negative information. When a difficult or traumatic event occurs, the 24-hour news cycle seizes it and uses every tactic to grab our attention — dramatic headlines, repeated news alerts, tweets, posts, opinion pieces, and so on.

The high-octane…

Research shows that having some stress in your life is actually good for you.

“Is that really true?” some of you may be asking, with a skeptical look.

I am with you. When I think about being stressed, I tend to associate it with a majorly furrowed brow, tense, Frankenstein-like shoulders, and a sinking feeling that certain aspects of my life are going completely haywire.

But, it’s true! Stress can have a positive impact on your life. And much of it has to do with the way we decide to think about stress.

In a joint study by Harvard University…

Lia, LiveBetter Coach

LiveBetter helps people boost their everyday well-being. Our digital coach Lia will guide you to take small actions that, over time, can lead to big changes.

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