Build Your Foundation: Mindset

Last week, we discussed taking back control of your health by going back to the basics. As a refresher, the basics we addressed were sleep, hydration, exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

Any general health advice is, by definition, general; it’s not meant for you. This is why working with a coach, team, or in a social and supportive environment is so valuable. Finding a community of people that encourage your wins, support you in your losses, and promote growth above complacency is vital to sustainable success.

The foundation of everything, however, is your mindset. We all have choices to make — wouldn’t it be nice to control how you make them, even under stress? We’ve put many of these fundamentals to the test, from starting a business (including hundreds of different projects) to racing marathons to having difficult interpersonal conversations.

We have built the Live Better Mindset into five phases, which we’ll discuss below. This isn’t specific health advice that might not apply to you (e.g. “you need to meditate for 20 minutes a day for 14 days to feel any benefit”); it is a framework and decision-making process that allows you to pick and choose strategies that help you — your goals, your lifestyle, your wants, wishes, challenges, and unique circumstances.

The five phases of the Live Better Mindset are:

  1. Phase One — “Reset”
  2. Phase Two — “Identity”
  3. Phase Three — “First Principles”
  4. Phase Four — “Preparation & Performance”
  5. Phase Five — “Review & Repeat”

Broadly, our mindset structure works to first clear you a blank, mental slate, creating a space of calm, organized energy on top of which to make decisions. Second, in “Identity” you start to recognize patterns from your past (nature and nurture) that shaped who you are now, be present with the person you are in this moment, and reflect and work towards the person you want to be in the future. Third, we set a mission statement, support that mission with core values, and then perform and alignment exercise to determine if your actions match your values. Fourth, you go to work. You develop routines, processes, and performance tactics to help you step into the game (i.e. life) and do what you need to do. Finally, you review your performance and framework to pull out lessons — then, you repeat.

The more often you can repeat this process, the more you’ll find “flow” — the state in which you’re fully present with your actions, succeeding, and enjoying the process.

It’s impossible to get into a flow state when you’re stressed and feeling disorganized (which is why we start with “Reset”). Having a process like the Live Better Mindset allows you to repeat wins, regardless of whether you’re aiming at a personal or professional goal.

Here is your first tip: Learn the way in which your mindset and your environment work with (or, against) each other. Can you go into a difficult environment and still keep your cool? Do you feel more creative while being by the ocean? How do the people in your life influence the way you think, work, and act?

If you want to learn more about our mindset program and the community being built around it, join our first wave in the Live Better Mindset Course starting August 1st.

Have the best day ever.