7 Questions To Help You Build “Momentum” In 2021

If you’re reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just entered spring. Spring, as a change in season, brings on momentum and a new sense of rhythm to our lives.

We recently discussed this topic of “momentum” on a Live Better Collective community call; how are we setting up our lives (or, in the “micro”, our days) to build a rhythm of positive progress?

Spring is the best season to represent momentum — it is the turning point from dark and cold to light and warm. Things are “in bloom”, just…

The most valuable asset in life is time.

It cannot be purchased, which places its premium above that of money. It can, however, be saved, conserved, and protected.

We don’t often think about the real cost of things in life; we mostly think in terms of financial cost, but the real, “hidden” cost of life is how we use our time. The cost of making money is spending your time, which you cannot repurchase. Long nights at the office come at the sacrifice of time with family and friends and pursuing our passions and hobbies.

It’s not that we all…

by: Live Better

This week’s newsletter is going to cover a short piece of extremely actionable information to help you handle stress.

Since the world shut down a year ago, the collective rise in physical and mental distress has been on an uncontrollable path to poor mental health; thankfully, we feel it is one we can start to reverse.

One of the hardest parts of managing stressful situations is managing our (visceral) emotional reaction to hardship, especially if we were expecting a positive outcome. We definitely got our hopes up, didn’t we? …

by: Live Better

What lessons did 2020 teach you?

Did you learn your mental health was more important than you thought?

Maybe your “reserves” were not all they needed to be (financial, physical, emotional)?

Regretting “everyday” complaints about something you took for granted?

To be sure, there were beneficial lessons to be learned.

If you can’t find something to learn from, you’re probably still complaining, which you’ll need to stop doing in order to reflect on some takeaways.

The most important lesson we took away from 2020 is the power (and necessity) of community.

We were forced to do a…

by: Live Better

In English, we have direct meanings for most of our words, but that is not the case for other languages. One such language is Finnish, and I tend to love single words that embody a very lofty, “liquid” meaning (Japanese is another such language).

This less-is-more perspective applies to our Wake Up Wednesday theme of “sisu,” which indirectly translates to:

“The mental strength to continue to try ever after you feel you’ve reached your limits of your abilities.”

In other words, mentally persevering in the face of extreme adversity, even when it seems absurd to do so…

by: Live Better

Ever find yourself assuming the worst about someone’s intentions?

For instance, do you take it personally when you are cut off in traffic, like the person knows you have somewhere to be and takes it out on you because they don’t “like” you?

The reality is, most people aren’t paying attention. That’s likely why you were cut off in traffic. Most people are 99% distracted from what they’re doing and aren’t thinking twice about you, your wants, wishes, goals, and life dreams (wouldn’t that be nice to know).

It’s not that they actively don’t care, but simply…

by: Live Better

First, what is “deep work?”

Cal Newport, in his book Deep Work, defines it as, “Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit.”

I want you to first think back to yesterday; did you accomplish this for any amount of time?

It’s not that we need to be completely devoid of distraction, but rather control how we let distraction enter our lives. If your day (yesterday) was full of “busy work”, you may not have any time for “deep work.” …

by: Live Better

Corporations today are playing by the wrong rulebook; curiously, they assume offering health insurance and other surface level (passive, albeit helpful) programs will make their people “well.” This playbook needs to be rewritten. 2020 is proof that we are behind the eight ball on addressing individual and collective physical and mental health.

We’re not suggesting that each and every company has a yoga instructor, therapist, performance coach, and nutritionist on staff to support on a daily basis (although that would be pretty cool). …

What Do you Truly “Prize?”

by: Live Better

At first glance, how might you answer this question? Do you prize your spouse? Your kids? Your car? Your job? Your relationships?

The nice part is there is no correct answer, but we’re going to ask that you dig a little deeper and be completely honest with yourself. When we think about the word “prize”, it brings to mind a picture of cherishing something (with joy) rather than simply valuing it as important.

This question was posed in one of the January prompts in “The Daily Stoic Journal” by Ryan Holiday. Stoicism…

by: Live Better

It is a very interesting reflection that the only moment we can control is right now. Right where you’re standing, sitting, or walking (hopefully not in a crosswalk looking down…) reading this, this moment is the only moment that really exists. We’ve all got big plans to accomplish XYZ, but often forget that the next thing we need to do to get there is take the next step in the right direction.

It is then a string of “right now’s” that add up to whether you succeed or fail. Not anxiousness about tomorrow, not regret about yesterday…

Live Better “Best Day Ever”

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