Chinese Fantan a New Live Casino Game that is Fun and Easy

For those who don’t know, Chinese fantan is a game of chance that uses beads and a stick on a table layout with a live dealer at casinos even at online casinos. This game has been played for a long time in China, one of the oldest gambling games of that country. Right now this game has been getting a lot of attention from casino players because it is easy and fun to play. If you are interested in playing this game then you should know the other ways in playing Chinese fantan bets that you can learn for free.

Our casino site offers this game and you can play it directly on your pc without having to download. The gameplay is simple, to determine the winner the players will have to guess on how many beads will be left after the dealer groups them into four. If you placed bet on 4 and the number of beads left on the table layout is 4 then you are the winner, simple as that. There are 5 types of wagers that you can make on this game. First is Fan, is done by placing bet from 1–4. Next, Nga Tan, this is done by betting on 3 numbers. Kwok, this wager is done by players choosing 2 different numbers off or even. Nim is the wager for betting in two numbers 1–2, 1–3, 2–3, and so on. Sheh sam hong is a wager consisting of 3 numbers.

What are you waiting for? Play Chinese fantan together with your friends or family members. Join our site and together with all of our players you can enjoy the game available all day and the big promotions waiting for you. Sign up now and as soon as you finished you will get a reward.

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