The Most Amazing Ten Meteor.js Plugins, Libraries and Productivity Tools

If you are a developer in need of a robust, efficient way to develop code quickly, Then you need to take a look at the awesome features that Meteor provides for you. At, it is our belief that Meteor.js is a great JavaScript framework to learn thus we have compiled a list of some of tools and libraries that have proven useful to streamers.

What is Meteor.js?

“Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript App Platform that assembles all the pieces you would require to build modern web and mobile apps, with a single JavaScript codebase. Angular and React are JavaScript UI frameworks that can be used in conjunction with Meteor. Meteor automatically manages the data flow between cloud and client applications, as well as client UI state and rendering, regardless of which UI framework you use”. (Meteor website)

Here are the ten (10) best Meteor productivity tools, plugins, and libraries recommended by engineers:


Kadira is a performance management platform for Meteor.js which offers lots of resourses to help a team to improve the performance of an app at any stage in its life cycle.


This is a framework that provides a testing platform for meteor.


This is a mocha based testing framework that is designed to be used with Meteor. It is capable of spawning multiple instances of your meteor application and run the tests. These tests are done both on the client and server side simultaneously in real time. It is particularly useful when you need more refined control over processes in meteor and allows you to test fancy things such as how your app behaves when the server restarts.

Meteor tooltips

Meteor tooltips allows you to develop minimal, barebones and reactive tooltips for your Meteor applications. This allows you to forget about adding clunky Bootstrap packages that not only increase the size of your code but also fall short of expectations in some instances. Lookback: tooltips package provides tooltips for you “The Meteor Way”, allowing you to develop reactive, minimal and functional tooltips.


Cloud9 provides a platform for you to develop applications in the cloud. This provides several benefits to you as a developer, including convenient and cheap access to your files from various devices. Some of the features of cloud nine include code auto completion, file revision history, FTP mounts, keybindings, and browser testing among several other features.


Mongol allows you to view and edit your client documents in the browser. This removes the need for you to enter the console in search of your documents. Moreover, Mongol is debugOnly package, meaning that it does not compile to your production build. It configures automatically thus facilitating a plug and play installation approach.

Meteor tools for Visual Studio

This integrates an awesome framework of meteor into the Visual Studio IDE. This therefore provides developers with a wide array of templates, debugging, Language Syntax Highlighting among several other amazing features. It also provides live page updates, latency compensation, hot code pushes, interoperability and smart packages to developers.

Meteor Kitchen

This is a code generator for Meteor.js. It allows you to build a complete meteor application by specifying the details in a simple JSON file. You simple need to specify the directory structure, layout, pages, menus, forms and data views.

Meteor toys

Meteor toys provide you with a large number of development tools that will help you to develop robust and complex meteor applications. They simplify tasks such as templating, notifications, email and throttling among several other amazing features.


This is a command line scaffolding tool for Meteor.js applications. It provides a way to automatically develop the project structure, the various files and boilerplate code.

There you have it, the best 10 tools, frameworks and packages that engineers at find useful for Meteor.js. However, by no means is the list exhaustive. We would love to get your feedback below. Let us know if you agree with the list, We look forward to your opinion. is a livestreaming platform to watch real people from all around the world code products live. Join us today and start streaming your projects, develop or watch dozens of streamers, ask questions and learn how to program together!

Originally published at on March 24, 2016.