What Brought Me to CollegeFit

by Jessica Womack

When I look back at what brought me to CollegeFit it’s actually an ironic story. I never, ever, considered myself to be an entrepreneur but last semester I found myself sitting in Entrepreneurship. This was not by choice of course, I was really there because according to Mississippi State I had to take that class in order to graduate. Either way, I was stuck in that class, determined to make an A. So when the professor offered the class a chance to be exempt from the mid-term and a 100 on the final if we went to this thing called Startup Weekend, I jumped on the chance. Knowing it wouldn’t really be my cup of tea, I still took the opportunity because why would I not when a free 100 was offered. Low and behold, Startup Weekend fell on the same weekend as my last sorority formal, thus causing my little enthusiasm for the weekend to dwindle to almost nonexistent. However, some other classmates and I were determined to make the most of the weekend.

I show up on the first night, not really knowing what to expect and one of the first things we do is listen to various business pitches in order to find a team in which we would then work with the rest of the weekend. While there were many great ideas pitched, I knew the minute I heard about CollegeFit that it was the team for me. Two main reasons for this was one, the idea is something I completely agreed with and two, as a former college athlete who always had a high focus on academics, I felt my past experience could be useful to the team. We go through the entire weekend, worked much harder than I thought I would since I originally though this was my way to get a “free” 100, and then after final pitches are made to the judges we won! While I very much so believed in the idea I was honestly kind of shocked we won. It wasn’t that I didn’t think we could do it because our research was everything they wanted and the presentation was absolutely stellar, I was just shocked because going into the weekend I never would have thought I would join the winning team. It was great! It was right around the time that the people in charge of Startup Weekend started telling us what we had won that I realized, this could truly be something.

This idea of helping students become an overall, well balanced student both physically, mentally, and emotionally, could really gain a following. It is an idea that could bring people together and create a movement among colleges everywhere. After the hype of the weekend, Kelcy asked all the team members if they would be willing to stay on and keep the momentum going to truly get CollegeFit off the ground. Everyone but myself said no because the majority of us were going into our final semester of undergrad. Although I knew I would be busy, I said yes, because I still believed then, and still believe now, that CollegeFit can help students become connected to one another, as well as help them become a better student/person as a whole throughout college campuses.. and that’s just awesome! Why would I not want to be a part of something that has the potential to be so inspiring to others?! So here I am, with three weeks left before I graduate, not a single clue what I will be doing after graduation as far as my career goes, but one thing I do know is that no matter where I go after graduation, CollegeFit is something that I will continue to be apart of and hope it is something many others will be a part of in the future.

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