10 Reasons Why Livecoding.tv is Better than Twitch for streaming code.

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CNN called Livecoding.tv “Twitch for coding.” Chances are that if you’re looking for a place to live stream code, you’ve probably hit up Twitch as well. Gamers have been live streaming on Twitch for quite some time, which has made it a popular platform in live streaming entertainment. But for those that are interested in live streaming code, here are 10 good reasons why Livecoding.tv is a better place to go.

1. Easily Find Live Streaming Code

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Livecoding.tv is a lot like Twitch, but it was made specifically for programmers. Only for programmers. In fact, you won’t find anything else on Livecoding.tv but programmers, developers, and coders streaming their work, which may even include the next big game you see played live on Twitch.

2. Education Platform

While Twitch exists primarily to provide entertainment, Livecoding.tv exists to educate by allowing developers of all skill levels to work together, observe each other, and provide feedback.

3. Professional Programmers

On Livecoding.tv you’ll find programmers working on projects that range from beginner to expert, but no matter what, each project that you stream is a professional product being built for the real world.

4. Scheduling

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Finding where, what, and when to stream is a problem. Subreddits have popped up in an attempt to connect streamers with viewers, but they’ve left a lot of room for improvement. Livecoding.tv makes it easy to find and post scheduled streams, view archived recordings, and receive reminders so that you don’t miss an important live viewing experience.

5. Clone Code

One of the best parts about Livecoding.tv is the code repo, a built in feature which allows subscribers to access the source code of live streaming projects so you can clone and experiment with the code you see live.

6. Market Yourself

Livecoding.tv is a professional environment where you can showcase your skills to peers and potential employers, gain recognition in the programming community, and build a following of dedicated viewers.

7. Make Money

One of the benefits of finding an audience on Livecoding.tv is the potential to make side income through donations without putting in any extra effort. Although Twitch offers a similar service, you’ll find that by tapping into a larger and more relevant audience, Livecoding.tv is a more effective crowdfunding platform.

8. Better Audience

Livecoding.tv is growing quickly, with tens of thousands of users already signed up and streaming from around the world. Here you’ll find the type of people that you can relate to — helpful, dedicated, and passionate programmers interested in learning and collaborating.

9. Get Help

The nice thing about Livecoding.tv is that you can find casual spectators or be one yourself, but the really cool thing is having those spectators be able to contribute suggestions and advice through live chat or Skype. This is called hacking the pair programming method.

10. Request Streams

If you can’t find what you’re interested in, you can request streams from the Livecoding.tv community. Your request is featured alongside others next to the live stream schedule. So, you’ll always find what you need on Livecoding.tv.

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