How to Build a Music Streaming Android App

Byteschmiede from Germany is an Android enthusiast who wants to explore the world of Android with his viewers. That’s why he is active on from a long time and already have 553 followers. He is an Android Software Engineer since the 2013 and is also invested in technologies such as HTML, C/++, Node.js, etc. He regularly streams Android related projects on LiveEdu and has also covered Android basics in his past streams.

The project that she will work on is “How to Build a Music Streaming Android mobile.” This project is in TEACHING mode. It is a live and real-world project. This means that you can interact with the streamer and communicate with them directly using chat. Got stuck? Just go ahead and ask her questions.


Are you bored of creating those “Hello, World” Android projects and want to create something meaningful? Then look no further as this project will teach you on how to build a music streaming Android app. The app will be built from scratch, and the streamer will go through every single step to ensure that the viewer understands the intricacies that go into creating an Android music App.

The tutorial will cover setting up the basic development environment with Android Studio. The streamer will then focus on basic steps and concepts, before moving to harder concepts. In the end, you will be able to build an Android Mobile App.

If your are interested in How to Build a Music Streaming Android mobile then, visit to follow this project.

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