I Got Mad Today (Short Journal Entry)

by Rachel McCall

Well, today at the NEX in Norfolk, I was walking with my little sister around the store and of course it was crowded because it was Black Friday. Everyone was pushing and shoving, I was just trying to be nonchalant about it, but something took me over the edge.

My sister said, “Some guy called me, ‘stupid’”

I looked her dead in the eye with complete anger, “WHO?! Who said this? Where are they? I’m not afraid to get thrown out. I’m not in any branch yet, so whatever! Point them out”

She looked shocked and said, “It’s not that big of a deal, they said ‘that lady didn’t even say excuse me’”

I was then ridden with even more anger, “It’s Black Friday! Everything is crowded! Blah blah blah [insert dumb threats here]”

Then it hit me — they said, “Lady” My sister is an 11 year old GIRL. They were probably talking about me and I was like ohmygosh — Whoopsie! I felt really bad and said, “Lord, I am so sorry.”

My sister is still looking at me confused and we just continued to shop after that.

I felt so guilty because I let something small get me heated. I am just not perfect at all and I try so hard to be and then I do something like this in front of a lot of people and they’re just overall confused about my behavior.

To the person that I didn’t say ‘excuse me’ to, I am so sorry. I was being a lame-o! Won’t happen again.

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