An Inspiring scene


The young sailor is approaching the captain (the captain Is looking at him from the bridge)

Young sailor: Hey Cap. !

Captain: Hey Boy ..

Young sailor: Sir , the wind is blowing astern. What should we do ?

(Captain smiling) Captain: We spread the wings and rise..

Young sailor: Sorry Cap.. !?

(captain smiles again) We keep our course, Boy.

The young sailor went away, Although he didn’t realize the first few words the captain said about flying !, he understood that the captain wants to keep the ship’s course.

Years passed… and our young sailor has grown up, he got older and wiser, he still works at sea but now he is the master of his own ship.. During one of his voyages he was looking over from the bridge, when he saw a young sailor coming to him.

He knew that the weather is going to be a bit stiff that day, He smiled when the young sailor approached,

Young sailor: Sir, the wind is blowing astern what shall we do ?

Our Captain looks ahead (facing the bow of the ship) , and says : We spread the wings and rise son.. That’s what we shall do when it blows against, and that’s what I have been doing my whole life son,

The young sailor: I got it sir, you want to keep the course .

The captain replied with a smile deep in his heart, yes,. keep the course, we keep the course son..

The concept is that we shall never stop trying even when it gets tough and seems impossible, and here I recall what Paul Valéry said in his poem “Le Cimetière marin” : “Le vent se lève! . . . Il faut tenter de vivre!” (“The wind is rising! . . . We must try to live!”) Because its not just about how far you can go, it’s also about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.