You Care About Me

You really care about me, you care about me a lot
You think I am fun
You think I am a great catch
You think I am pretty and subtly sexy
You think there’s more to me than I show
You love to talk to me, you can chat with me for hours on any topic
You find me attractive, you find me strong.
You admire my strength, things I have gone through and go through
You think I deserve much much more

But can you love me?
Do you have what it takes to love me?
Not that nonsense of letting me go
Not that nonsense that I can brave through it
Can you turn over your life to join me?
Can you give me what you think I deserve?
Take care of me — even I need to be taken care of.

Can you take my love?
I love without inhibitions and without a care
I am all in love, I give it all
I wait for love and hurt for love
I forgive and promise to rise from the ashes of love
I creep into the darkness in you, hold your hand
I walk with you, be your best friend, but let you be you
I make everyday fun and everyday lazy
Once in love I care till death together or apart

Can you take that much love?
If not, never say you care, just shut up
Don’t love me and leave me
I rather you just stay my friend, don’t ever say you love me.

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