Eye of the Storm

There are no perfect words to capture this moment.

Say nothing and it will not be forgotten; say anything it all and both the wounded and self justified are crouched, waiting to claw your flawed words to indiscernible shreds. Tis the nature of the times.

So do not worry about saying the perfect words. Do not let the striving to be informed drown out your right to be appalled. Do not let the convictions of your spiritual ideals erase the gracious posture of your humanity. Do not let your conscious distress become license to acts of ignorance.

Let your rage be as untamed as it was designed to be, but not unfocused in its unleashing. Allow prayer to stoke the flailing embers of your heart, that it does not go cold under death's blatant glare. Let your facts be wild dogs, protecting the innocent while devouring the predators.

But mostly I encourage everyone to do whatever it is that you do.

Writers need to write. Singers sing. Preachers preach. Teachers teach. Dancers dance. Huggers hug. Filmographers film. Chefs cook. Artists draw. Fitness gurus workout. Protesters protest. Prophets uplift.

WHATEVER it is that you do... whatever inside of you is that precious nexus of love, passion, and faith... DO that. Because it makes you come alive. And this world needs more people who are alive. More people walking in the interminable light of the Creator who lives deeply in all of us. And make no mistake... this is the long game. Establishing a culture of life in a society where death of all sorts has become the numbing status quo. This is precisely why the Church was created- because Jesus was playing the long game well before we were even aware of the board.

Whether you identify with the Church or not is not the issue at hand. What we need- what you need, what the world needs- is for everybody to come alive. Nothing can resist the combined power of a fully expressed creation.

So don't worry about saying the perfect words, or coining the popular phrases. Don't get mired in the spirit of fear that comes to feast in the aftermath of such horrible happenings. Mourn with those who mourn. Love on those in reach. Keep your eyes open even when the lights are out.

And do what you do.


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