Simba’s Pride


Sunday, June 12th, 2016.

Pulse Club, Orlando Florida.

50 people were murdered at gunpoint via assault rifle and sidearm.

It’s being labeled as the biggest mass shooting in U.S. History.

Although the shooter was muslim, police were hesitant to label it a terrorist attack. This was open homicide on the LGBTQ community at one of the hottest gay clubs in Orlando, Florida during none other than Pride week itself- the festive celebration of all things LGBTQ. Later the FBI confirmed that he was a suspected member of ISIS and on their watch list. So it could be a combination hate crime and terrorist attack.

But does it matter?

People were slaughtered.

Supposedly the rise of the LGBTQ was part of what provoked him into this. A rise which has intimidated many.

The LGBTQ assembled force has, in recent years, managed to place a hot hand in everything, demanding their will be done. From changing the public definition of marriage, to violating Christian practices and convictions, to granting a surgically altered man the woman of the year award, to Disney being slammed for not openly displaying homosexuality in children’s films. Those who have spoken up in protest were swiftly and systematically shut down, being labeled “bigots,” “old fashioned,” “closed minded,” “hate filled,” and other such degenerative terms.

The wrong comment at the wrong time can cause you to lose your job. Political correctness reaches its zenith when discussing the world of LGBTQ, and nothing matters beyond complete compliance. Stow your science, stow your religion, stow your preference- get on board or get out of the way.

Opposition is suicide.

And had this been all there was, it would have been fine. Had this man merely been an extremist protestor racing in to a popular gay club and causing an upset because of his contrary beliefs- things would be alright. It would suck, to be sure, and it would have been totally ill advised, but really it would have been alright. When you live in a country that proudly boasts of being the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” sometimes those free people bravely misconduct themselves. And, like that drunk uncle at the party, we just awkwardly smile at our friends and quickly rush him outside, removing the drink from his hand along the way.

But this man- this very HUMAN man- took it upon himself to be the arbiter of fate. To bear the weight of God. To triumphantly enforce his elimination of the lives he deemed unworthy. It’s arrogant enough to deem someone unfit to live- arrogant, but marginally acceptable. We all have a few unruly(translated as socially unacceptable) thoughts buried deep in the secret caverns of our psyche. But it’s flat out wrong to then extinguish those living flames, just because we disapprove of their heat.

Terrorist attack or hate crime. All some families and friends know is that their loved ones are gone. Death is death, no matter the label.

The police were forced to take the killshot to prevent him from murdering anyone else. And so the nightmare, though just beginning for some, is officially over in some polarized sense.


Except some people have actually begun to JUSTIFY the man’s actions. People who I’m embarrassed to be associated with through the infrastructure of Christianity, yet whose beliefs do not alter the TRUTH of Christ anymore than a vagabond Prince erases the actuality of his father’s kingship. These people haven’t changed the narrative of what Christ is or what Christ is about, or what Christianity is actually supposed to be.

All they’ve done is misrepresent who they claim to vehemently represent.

I am extremely, profoundly, and unequivocally sorry for such ignorance and insensitivity.

Christ loves the LGBTQ community. Not because of their sexual choices or indulgences, but because before He sees flesh, He sees Himself. God created man and woman in his own image. THAT’S something to take pride in. And really, at the heart of the LGBTQ movement, is a wildly echoing shout of “I am me. And that’s okay.” They’ve put some extras on it… but that’s what they’re driving at. The better call, which the world is slowly realizing, is “I’m a child of God. And that’s okay.”

We know how the saying goes. “You’ve gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette.” But if you go on cracking eggs, without ever cooking anything, then you’re just a mess maker! You’re not revolutionary or a trailblazer or any kind of unconventional solution. Just an alleged chef standing in a kitchen filled with broken eggs. Mess. Maker.

I would encourage one and all to not forget that adhering to TRUE identity is the goal. Not just picking AN identity. Drawing your line of immobility is a start. Tying yourself to the correct identity is necessary. Otherwise one runs the risk of embodying the very polarizing bigotry you’re radically trying to dethrone.

So by now, I’m sure you’re thinking- “What’s this got to do with Simba?” Lol

Simba is the Son who ruled the kingdom for the Father. Jesus is the same. This pride is misplaced. LGBTQ don’t belong to themselves. They belong to God. To Christ. Like we all do. THAT’S something to be proud of. And He loves them like He loves Himself. Like He loves all of us. Whether LGBTQ or hetero, white or black, native or immigrant- we all have an area in which we deeply battle. A very specfic area where we define our identity by our struggles. We’re all fighting in different ways, regardless of what we project outwardly.

But that doesn’t change the image of God from which we were all artfully crafted. It doesn’t change that we are God’s greatest joy and creation. It doesn’t change the fact that Jesus died for us, resurrected for us, and unabashedly believes in us. We are His pack. His heart’s delight. His passion and His selfless focus.

We are Simba’s Pride.