Is Energy Healing real?

I am always skeptical first until I have no reason left to not believe.

I remember a friend telling me many years ago, that they studied Pranic healing. I remember scoffing at the idea as fantastical. Today, I am asking for forgiveness for being quick to judge.

I honestly have no idea how I came to discover this. It happened one day when I was feeling down with some unusual bodily symptoms. I asked my inner voice if I was sick. I got a resounding, yet unemotional response — “yes”.

I asked this question just as I was about to sit down for my meditation session. Once in the midst of it, I felt pulses of energy coursing from my crown, through my spine to my toes. As a Vipassana meditator, I’ve experienced some form of this before, and I spend my practice just observing, yet this time was different. I was just blown away by the frequency. It felt like energy was hard at work, helping me on a molecular level. A few hours later, my symptoms reduced and I felt marginally better. Every time I felt symptoms worsening, I took time to meditate and they would be alleviated with the energy pulses. I observed in awe. A couple of days later, I felt great, as in GREAT!

That got me interested in researching what I may have experienced and I came across energy healing. What I came across during my research resonated with me and seemed to validate what I had experienced. I decided to try and take it one step further and see if I could help others.

I tried with my child, who received it with an open mind and heart, and said it made them feel calm. My partner fell into a state of deep relaxation as I hovered over them with my hands. My pet also went into a deep state of relaxation when I tried it on them. I am not one for labels, so I’m not able to say if this is Reiki, Pranic Healing, or some other form of energy healing.

Yet, I’m curious about others’ energy healing journeys.



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