001- A New Start

Time is a constant factor.

We are bound and controlled by the concept of time.

Complete rotation of the Moon around the Earth produces a new day.

The Earth finally revolved around the most giant of all stars- the Sun, thus making a 365 days round of spins yesterday.

A new revolution, round, cycle begins today.

In the 1990s, as young as I was, I felt time was dragging. It seemed in those years, the spins were slower compared to the new millennium.

I heard my mom said same for 1970s and 1980s.

Year 2000, I was in primary 5 and just like a flash of light it’s 2018 and I’m a full grown woman.

My deduction- After every new revolution, the Earth gets charged and spins faster than the previous revolution. (I read it’s a psychological reason- maybe. Source)

I hear whispers, “oh 2017 is gone also”.

I can’t imagine the speed with which 2018 would move. I know it will surely move faster as we grow.

Because, age and experiences are increasing as we encounter new years, our latter should be far better than the former.

There are intentional and unintentional experiences, just as the universe automatically works for itself to be better than the former, every experience you encounter are to make you better.

Make you better, wiser than the years behind.

A ship without course can be sailed to any destination.

There is a need for purpose.

Purposeful reason why you are still living today.

Nobody exists to just take up space, you are part of a larger plan- weaved together for the overall reason why the Earth exists. (Eph 1: 9–12)

The question is why are you part of the 7 billion other people who are alive to start 2018?

The need to tap into the core of your being and ask questions what and what you ought to be doing this 2018.

Some tag it new year goals, resolutions etc.

Be able to develop concise list(s) of how 2018 will be expressed through you.

I call it my yearly watchword.

In 2017, I wanted to put my talents into real test. I have skills and talent I knew that but these weren’t of any benefit to my life and the universe.

I wasn’t making money because of it, I wasn’t recognized for it, I wasn’t enjoying the effects of the things I found unique and special to me.

So I looked for individuals with similar skills and talents who were enjoying the rewards of their skills and talents.

I realized one thing was common- Hardwork and Persistence.

I learnt about the 10,000 hrs rule and how to be proficient and standout at whatever one does.

I haven’t accomplished the 10,000 hrs rule and it will surely take more years to do that but in 2017 I put hardwork and persistence into practice.

It was my watchword and my one big goal.

And today, I have grown.

It was so tough but as life kicked and hugged me in 2017 I didn’t loose sight of my core plan for the year.

Imagine if there wasn’t one purpose I held on, I would have moved with the tides of life- where confusion abounds.

Today, I set out to be consistent and value-driven about my talent and skills.

This is my 2018 watchword as a woman who is alive to be part of the big framework of the universe.

The universe exists because you are alive.

Have you identified what you are to do this year to keep the universe active?

Remember, you are better and wiser than you were this day in 2017 so your harvests should be full by December 31, 2018 than it was yesterday.

Time reads 001 today, wink a bit and it’s 365!

Enjoy your best of living this year…

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Thank you.

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