6 things I Learnt from the Mentoring Hangout with The Igwe Twin

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. His reality can not be predicted from his countenance. He exudes joy at all time. That is the reality of the faithful.

I have learnt and heard this explained in different ways but practising it is the challenge. I want to tell you if you are looking for one man who truly exemplifies this, I will show you two men who their expression to life does not reflect their actual reality. These are the Igwe brothers. They are happiness extraordinaire! We all have different things we look out in people, but these men’s happy demeanor at all times draws my attention to them always. They are a typical example of the below-average kids from the East who struggled to make a reasonable living. As teenagers, they left the tutelage of their parents in the East all alone to come hustle in the city of excellence. I only wondered how they were able to deal with the circumstances and live through that tough, cold and bleak life.

What we know of them today is quite different. These are now two successful entrepreneurs championing the catering industry, taking selfies with top leaders and the crème de la crème.

How really did they do it? How were they able to technically move from zero to the multiple zeros that add up to the amount they are booked for? How did they start their entrepreneurial journey? How did they get funded by top donors? Was it sheer luck or what exactly?

These questions were burning in the hearts of the nine young individuals and myself under the canopied shield at Domino’s outlet in Ikeja. The inquisitive us patiently listened to the vibrant and passionate Tobias Igwe, one of the Igwe brothers. It was a Mentoring Hangout organized by NextGen Africa, an educational initiative driving changing through mind and skill empowerment. Joshua Alade, the community evangelist who sat just adjacent to me was the driver of the 3 hours hangout where everyone shared their life goals and vision beyond over stacks of refreshing pizzas.

The ambience was cosy enough for me to learn these 6 things. These are the success secrets of the Igwe twin;

  1. Winning Attitude- It’s not a technical thing, it’s only a belief. A strong belief that ‘I will win’. And only those who do all that matters convince themselves that they will win. Things that matter includes garnering the right knowledge and building one’s skills.
  2. Accountability- Tobias kept nailing the importance of having a mentor. When you are already moving, a mentor’s role is to guide and monitor your progress as you walk towards achieving your goals. Being accountable to someone is a great drive that can propel anyone to succeed.
  3. Be deliberate in choosing friends- Everyone is unique and each of us has different values we offer. Tobias made us understand that we have to be deliberate with the friends we choose and the relationship we keep. The overall goal is to make you a better person. So if that person does not have value to give or cannot help you achieve any of your goals, it’s best to be passive in such relationships but be active in relationships that help you grow.
  4. Happy Birds- “During selection of employees of SpeedMeal, we don’t look out for serious people. There is never a dull moment in our kitchen” -Tobias Igwe.
  5. Spontaneity- Ability to act out of sudden impulse without too much reflection. Thinking about an idea for a long time before action might eventually result to inaction. Entrepreneurs must learn how to make good decisions at the spur of the moment. The watchword here is; be prepared.
  6. Pressing on- Nigeria is a rich country with huge material and human resources but the condition of living is tough due to several social and economic reasons. I see great men who pull through despite this devastating conditions contributing to the richness of the country as the true hero. What is common to all of them is persistence. They keep doing, they never give up!

I look forward to the next Mentoring Hangout in March. Right now, I’m building on my relationship as I walk with a winning attitude towards achieving my goals.