6 tips to kick ass your job application

  1. Research on the company.
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People do not plan to fail but they fail to plan. Google is your best friend for your school project and it still is the best friend to research on a company.

Think about it. If you wish to buy something, will you buy from a sales person that talks about the product only or share with you how the product can benefit you?

2. Understand your career goal

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Graduating with a B.Sc in Political Science does not make you the natural candidate for political office.

No one walks the same road and only by walking the path you desire, the journey will be beautiful.

Doing this well, you will score for your interview.

3. Know your Skills Fit

Photo Credit: GetzWork.com

GetzWork.com is the only career portal that allows you to see how suitable you are to the jobs.

Blue tags = Skills you have and the job requires.

Red tags = Skills you do not have but job requires.

Applying for jobs that you are vastly incompetent will just make the employer shortlist you for the dustbin. This will jeopardize other potential jobs they have which you are a good fit. Having said that, there is no 100% in life. So if you have some missing skills, explain why you think you can overcome it.

4. Scrub your social media presence.

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Leave your political inclination and abusive words to the coffee sessions with friends. Most HR has confessed that they will look at the candidates’ social media profile. There are bots that crawl such data as well.

But do not overly sterilize your profile. Set your privacy level to show contents fit for public or friends. A Facebook wall with nothing just show that the person might have something to hide.

5. Google Yourself

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In the business world, most marketing people talk about SEO-ing their company page.

In the jobseeker world, engineer how you wish to be searched.

I can be a very enlightening self-awareness journey.

6. Stay Optimistic (Most Important)

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A dirtied cup can only hold dirty water. You may not notice, having a demoralized or dejected thoughts create a negative vibe around you.

Subconsciously, they get translated to undesirable effects in what you write, how you speak and how you perceive your world.

If you are the boss or the hiring manager, do you want a team member that is all charged-up or a faulty light bulb?