What’s Your Big Dream?

Get real with yourself. 
Are you living your shadow life?


What makes your heart sing? 
What lies just outside your “comfortable”? 
What brings you alive? 
What leaves you with more energy than before? 
What gets your blood flowing? 
What makes your stomach turn a little? 
What lights a fire in your belly? 
What makes your heart skip a beat? 
What makes your breath stop short? 
What scares the shit out of you? 
What can’t you stop thinking about?

Whatever the answer is to the majority of these questions, if you aren’t already giving your life to it, you’re living in the shadow world.

The good news is: it’s easy to get out, simply commit to doing it now.

Speak it into the world.

This is where your dreams are. 
This is where your heart is. 
This is where life happens. 
This is how you reclaim your power. 
This is where you find your life. 
This is where you feel alive.

All the excuses that come up, they are just that: excuses.

They will never resolve themselves. 
They will never go away. 
They will never be worked out.

Excuses can only be ignored.

If you have a dream inside you, you have what it takes to bring it to life.

It doesn’t happen sometime in a fantasy future, where your fears have disappeared. It happens every day, in the now, by taking actions, big and small, to get one step closer toward the vision you have buried deep inside you, of what is possible for your life.

It’s a truism to say that the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first, but truisms may be tautologies, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t true. The first step can be infinitesimally small. It can be minuscule, minute. It can be opening the web browser, and typing in a web search to research your dream. It can be logging in to an account you have been ignoring, because you think the facts are too daunting to deal with, or the project is too big and overwhelming to start.

Starting is where the magic begins. It’s impossible to keep going, be consistent or gain momentum if you haven’t yet started.

So start. With the first step, whether it’s the smallest step, or the biggest one you can fathom. Start, and if you have already started, keep going, and if you have lost momentum, start again.

There is a way to live the life of your dreams. And yes, it requires work, but when you are working in your zone of genius, you are hard pressed to call any of it “work” in the traditional sense.

It’s passion. 
It’s joy. 
It’s creation.
It’s art. 
It’s play. 
It’s collaboration. 
It’s magic.

And it does not cost energy, it creates energy. You will feel more alive, more vibrant, more vitality than you ever did trying to fulfill someone else’s dream for your life: whether your bosses’ or your parents’ or your shadow self.

When you get real with yourself, when you own up to your wildest dreams, the world looks different. Possibilities start to open up. Things that seemed impossible just moments before, gain potential. When you speak your new truth into existence, the world lines up to support you.

So, what’s your big dream?