Lively & Take Command Health

Lively is pleased to team up with health insurance plan platform, Take Command Health, to empower individuals and small businesses to make smart health insurance decisions and save money.

Take Command Heath offers a health benefits solution that provides data-driven health insurance plan recommendations to individuals based on their preferred doctors, their needs, and their prescriptions. For small businesses and startups, Take Command Health’s new small business platform helps roll out company-wide benefit plans, offering a personalized employee benefits portal, options to provide “big company” perks like a Lively HSA, dental discount plans, vision, 24/7 doctor helpline, medical bill negotiation, and options to upgrade to a tax-free reimbursement HSA.

Health insurance plan selection can be a very complicated, time-consuming and intimidating process. Take Command Health couples data with design to compare 1,000s of plans and coverages to find the best plan for you.

Their healthcare plan offerings and comparisons are extremely robust and include plans outside of state exchanges like faith-based coverage options.

Using Take Command Health, you can enter your zip code and immediately see available plans. They search and analyze healthcare plan options to reduce time and decrease healthcare costs based on personal health criteria (coverage options, doctors, and medical conditions). The result is a curated list of recommended health plans based on your personal requirements. In addition, they ensure plan pricing is simple and easy to understand.

Individuals or businesses can couple qualified High Deductible Health Plans with a Lively HSA plan to create cost-effective health coverage and savings options. Any users who signs up through Taking Command Health’s platform (with an HSA eligible healthcare plan) can also enjoy the benefits of opening up a Lively HSA. Individuals and small business owners will enjoy all of the key features of the Lively HSA platform including our intuitive software, paperless account management, an FDIC-insured, interest-bearing account and of course simple, transparent pricing. This includes no HSA admin fees for individuals or business with less than 10 enrolled HSA employees!

Combine the power of a healthcare plan with the savings option of an HSA. Sign up for individual or small business healthcare plan from Take Command Health here and for a Lively HSA plan here.

For more information please visit or follow them on Twitter (@takecmdhealth). If you need more help with HSA decisions, check out our blog. We will make you a healthcare benefits expert in no time, without any extra work or effort on your end.