Good morning world,

Are you all ready for the gym right now?

Have you all ready broken your New Years Resolutions?

Well guess what? You are in the 70th percentile. Want to get the fuck out of that box and start thriving, then read on:

I am not a blogger, shit I will be 2 score 4 in 7 days so it’s way outside my demographic, but here we go.

We all put pressure on ourselves to do this, that, and everything because it’s a great time to make excuses for shit we have no intention to do. How many of you had a doughnut for breakfast because it was easy and left over from last night?

Want motivation, really fucking in your face motivation? Then look in the mirror … go ahead, I will wait. Go stare in the mirror and give yourself ONE thing you want to change about your life. Yes, only one, but make sure that you and that person in the mirror agree it’s not the most important but the most achievable change that will positively effect your life.

We all have different wants, dreams, needs, and goals, however we all work through the law of attraction in some way or another. Put that one goal in your face (write it down and hang it on your ceiling if you are one of the meek).

We are coming upon so many changes that if you don’t change, you will not thrive. Sure you may survive but who wants that morbid ass shit.

We are here to thrive and every single one of us can do it!

I will do it!

I have done it all my life!

Want to know the secret? Start following me.

Think it’s bullshit? Don’t bother and break all of your New Years Resolutions in a few days and continue the definition of insanity.