Everyone Ride/Run Against Cancer Everyday (ERRACE)

The ERRACE (Everyone Eide/Run Against Cancer Everyday) organization was founded by a group of professionals to spread awareness about cancer. They hold an annual riding/running event where they raise funds for cancer research, and inspire the community to lead healthier and more active lives. The ERRACE event for 2016 was held this past July and if you want to check out some of the photos from it, click here. They were able to surpass their donations goal of $100,000 and raised $127,579 total to be donated to the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center and LIVESTRONG. We talked to Andy Caputo, one of the founders of ERRACE, to hear more about his organization and why it was started.

LS: How have you been affected by cancer?
 Andy: My wife died of ovarian cancer in 2012 after an extremely courageous and admirable fight. She was a thriver. Now as a working single parent, I am doing my best to raise our family, honor her courage and strength, and instill her inspiration into our sons.

LS: Have you used the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s navigation services?
 Andy: Thankfully, as a physician, I am knowledgeable in this area and connected to medical issues and personnel. While I did not need the navigation services directly, I continuously recommend LIVESTRONG‘s navigation services to my patients, family and friends.

LS: What made this year at ERRACE special? What moment stands out to you the most?

Andy: What makes ERRACE special is that each year, the inspiration brought on by the event seems to keep building up more than the year before it. The team spirit of our volunteers and participants while they worked and participated together at the event was outstanding!

LS: Why did you start ERRACE?
 Andy: My late wife Allyson and I (along with a group of outstanding local friends and family) started ERRACE as a way to give back to the institutions that provided inspiration and support for Allyson in her fight with cancer. Considering our combined athletic interests (her running and me cycling), we thought we could create something that would bring people together and inspire them. We wanted people to challenge themselves to something that they may not have done before, and to become more aware and health conscious of themselves in the process.

LS: What is one Fundraising tactic that has been successful to you?
 Andy: There isn’t one particular tactic that comes to mind. But interestingly, we do not have a minimum fundraising amount for participants, and only ask for a donation.

LS: Share one piece of advice you would give someone struggling to fundraise?
 Andy: If you have a good cause, you have a good reason to fundraise. Show others that you believe in the cause and they will more likely follow you.

LS: Share one piece of advice you would give someone affected by cancer?

Andy: Be hopeful, stay strong mentally and physically, and share your concerns with family and friends — they can help you immensely. In so many others minds, Allyson was super strong for her fight with cancer, never missing a chemo treatment or surgery as she kept herself in the best physical shape she could during her treatment, even against all odds.

Sincere thanks to Andy for taking the time to answer a few of our questions! If you want to help out or participate in the next ERRACE event, keep checking back on their website for more updates!

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