From Screens to Spaces: How Startups Can Think About a Connective Brand Story.

In today’s world, sometimes it can seem like the whole world has become a screen.

It can be easy to keep your marketing stuck in the digital world but it’s still important to keep sight of the tangible even in today’s rapidly advancing and ever-evolving tech landscape.

It’s important to break up information to answer your prospect’s questions at different stages of the buying process and have materials or experiences that your customers can engage with across different channels.

This article will show you how as a startup, we can think beyond designing for the screen(web, mobile, etc).

Here are 4 things to think about in your marketing that go beyond the screen to help you start thinking about a more connective, holistic brand experience that your customers can engage with across different marketing channels.

1. Business Cards -

Business card design is often overlooked but they can be powerful with a quality design that matches the rest of your branding. Be sure your team has printed business cards on hand to avoid having to make excuses for not having a card.

2. Marketing/sales materials -

Think of letterhead, envelopes, brochures, catalogs, billboards — any items in print that you use to communicate with your customers. Well designed marketing materials are important in making a good impression. Consistent fonts, colors and themes across all branded materials is part of good design. You’ll also want to think about the quality of your printed materials. They can help create a sense of legitimacy for your communications with clients or customers.

3. Presentation folders -

Does your business need to share a stack of loose leaf papers with potential clients or customers? Without a folder, loose papers can be easily thrown out. A custom presentation folder for your brand can help your business stay top of mind. It’s a great way to store pricing information or contracts to help ensure that they won’t be damaged or accidentally thrown away.

4. Experiential marketing -

Experiential marketing is also known as participation or live marketing and it uses events or experiences to engage clients or customers. This type of marketing helps consumers to be actively involved marketing for the brand. These live one-on-one interactions help consumers develop a stronger relationship with the brand.

By going beyond digital marketing assets, you can engage your customer at different stages of the buying cycle to help generate leads or make more sales. Even if you are a tech startup, it may be time to think about taking your marketing off-line as well.

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