WaveWrecker lets you Be The Board

WaveWrecker is a revolutionary new invention that will change the face of water sports. WaveWrecker lets you Be The Board.

WaveWrecker is a form of wearable technology that’s designed to make your body streamlined and able to glide through the water and ride waves with marine mammal-like ease. It also has built-in buoyancy that allows wave riders to stay in the water longer, catch and grip waves with control, and exceed the limits of bodysurfing alone. And, all ages and levels benefit from WaveWrecker.

Bodysurfing is the purest and most original form of surfing. It can be done on just about any beach and wave — it’s the perfect synergy between man and nature. Whether you’re catching the crest of your first wave or shredding tight spins and barrel rolls, bodysurfing is the ultimate sport for anyone — beginners and experienced thrill seekers alike.


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