Random Creations : Week 2 — Rotating Pills in Unity & some VR + Head Sculpt

A few more creations this week. I started playing with Unity VR via the Oculus SDK. I wish I focused on the VR part since the start.


My “longer term” project is still the same simple node.js app using express & react. Updating the sameYoutube playlist, currently on day 33:

#Weekly Experimental Project

My main project was an experimental Unity App with rotating elements and simple interactions and a broken VR experience that almost kinda works.

# Main Art Project this week

I really like the idea of messing around with a few random weekly projects so I started another but with a more artistic focus and started doing a digital sculpt of a head.

# VR Sketches

I did a few more random sketches inside VR throughout the week:

#Random Renders

I’m also playing with a few more tools and trying out some renders:


I also did a few quick studies.


#An experiment using stock assets: