6 Natural and Simple Ways to Combat Stress

Today’s modern world has become so hectic and busy, that people are always feeling tired and stressed. It’s a common complaint we hear people talk about every day. We are increasingly faced with pressures from work, family and other commitments that we don’t get an opportunity to look after our mental wellbeing. Here are some simple and natural things you can do, to help you relax:

  1. Relax and Meditate: Meditation has been widely used for many years. There has been a lot of press in regards to improving mental health and creating a healthy mind. Practicing meditation is simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Even 10 minutes of meditation a day can help you be your best. There are even some apps and websites to help guide you through meditation. Try and put some time aside in your day to relax and use simple breathing techniques to help you clear your mind.
  2. Exercise: one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress is to get active. It’s probably the last thing you think of after a hard day’s work, however doing exercise releases endorphin's in the brain which make you feel happy and lift your mood.
  3. Fresh Air: It’s free! Take a step outside to clear your mind. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, try and switch off from work and go for a walk and be in touch with nature.
  4. Healthy Diet: A good healthy balanced diet is essential for healthy mind and body. Make sure you have your five a day of fruit and vegetables. Ensuring you have a good supply of essential vitamins, healthy fats, amino acids and antioxidants help your brain to deal with stress more efficiently. Omega 3 fatty acids are excellent for the brain and development. But there are also foods you can avoid — caffeine, sugar and alcohol can increase anxiety, cause highs and lows throughout the day and interfere with your sleep. So opt for some healthy alternatives such as nuts, seeds and dry fruit or even try a cup of chamomile tea.
  5. Lavender: has been used for many years to calm and promote relaxation. It can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, both of which can help you relax. Put dried lavender or a few drops of oil near your bed to help you relax and drift off.
  6. Laughter: And if all else fails LAUGH. It’s one of the most simplest things you can do anytime and anywhere. Inject some laughter in your day, not only will it brighten your day but it will release endorphin's and reduce stress, depression, help with pain and even strengthen your immune system.

So start now and look after your mental wellbeing. A healthy mind can lead you to a healthy body.

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