Steps to Take When You Hear About a Spate of Burglaries in Your Area

We’ve just read that there’s been a spate of burglaries in Staffordshire, with police advising home-owners in the area to be extra careful about their home security. It seems like every other week people in one area or another are being advised to take precautions following robberies of this kind, and it’s great that the police are open and transparent with locals to ensure that they are aware of any increased security risks…

… however, as a home-owner, how many of us really know what ‘take extra precautions’ means? As somebody with an interest in the different home security measures we can take to keep ourselves, our families and our belongings safe, I’m going to run through some of the best steps you can take. So, if you see a similar story in your local paper & wonder what ‘extra precautions should look like, bare these different options in mind.

  1. Give Your Existing Security a Once Over

This is simple, and in most cases there won’t be much to change, but it’s always worth double-checking that your home doesn’t have any vulnerabilities — such as broken locks on windows or warped doors that would easily be shunted open. Where necessary, replace or reinforce anything that seems vulnerable.

2. Use Sensor Lighting

Deterrents are the best defence, and one of the simplest deterrents you can install is a sensor light at the front and back of your home, set to detect movement. Yes, it will light up every time the neighbour’s cat goes through your yard… but that’s a small price to pay for scaring off an opportunist with a bright burst of light.

3. Set Timers

Speaking of light, you’ll also want to make sure that your home is just as safe when you’re not home as when you are. Again, there are various different options, but something that’s very simple is setting timers on your lights to make sure it looks like someone’s in. Want to take it one step further? You can also set alarms to go off in the morning, or even use an alarm clock radio to make sure there’s some sound in the evenings — every extra detail you add makes it seem a little more like you’re home, and makes your house a less desirable target.

4. Install an Alarm (and Reset the Code Regularly!)

If you don’t already have a burglar alarm for your home, then a spate of criminal activity in your area is definitely the time to think about investing in one. After all, if somebody does make it through the front door, you need to know about it. If you do already have a burglar alarm then now is the time to change the code. Please! And continue to change it regularly… or risk being caught out.

5. Change Your Routine

The final simple step that I recommend is embedding security measures into your daily routine: setting the alarm, checking all the locks before bed, hanging your keys in a more secure location (out of sight from the windows!), and any other general security measures that should be carried out every day.

You can also take a look at this page from the Greater Manchester Police for more advice, to make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to keep your property as secure as it can be.