Top 4 Real estate websites for both users & for realtors

Top real estate websites for users& realtors


The first one on the list is the 99acres. It’s a premium buying and selling web portal both for realtor and common users. It is the India’s number one web portal in the category of Real estate. The most amazing feature of this website is it’s reselling approach. In terms of commercial properties like a villa, apartment etc this can offer you a variety of locations, societies etc. to look for.They value the customer relationship and have a reputation of being a brand.


The common-floor web portal is another amazing web portal for real estate Website users & realtors websites . In terms of realtor websites, the common-floor is gaining popularity day by day. It is growing in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Calcutta. It is not made for small cities.
But if yo are a realtor & decided to list your property online, then the common-floor is best for you, as it can give you the assurance of high profit by selling the property to the other candidates in the market.

The second most deserving candidate on the list is the magic bricks. It has it’s special user base in metro cities of India. This website is specially made for buying, selling & renting properties. They have a very good search engine with the strong database. They have a very robust Traffic, clear marketing strategies, easy to use & reliable service.

Like many other portals common-floor, magic-bricks it is also can you the most affordable services at your convenience, but one thing that makes it different from the other websites is its searching criteria. They have very accurate database with strong support &knowledge. It is both genuine & easy to use website, verified by over a one million users across the Country. They have a very steady traffic, along with this the clear thinking, strong support & best searching tools makes it abetter choice for searching any property online.