Great question! This reminds me why I love real estate because there are basically a gazillion things to that ‘make up’ a unit and even ‘less significant’ thing like floor number can make or break a sale.

Below, I break down the whys of floor number and floor plan as well as the implications.

Floor number

This is specific to an apartment building or multi-family home. Floor number matters for a number of reasons:

1 . Privacy and security

This is where ground floor units can lost out in the resale market. Many buyers dislike ground floor units if it faces a street and passersby can look…

Congratulations 2020 graduates! Your entire life awaits you :) While this is an unprecedented time to graduate to, but time and time again, we have seen students and workers rise to the challenge so have faith and keep plowing on.

As a newly minted graduate, one of the biggest expenses If you are moving to a new city or staying in your current city but need a new living situation, we have written a guide to renting just for you.

Step 1: Set your budget

Step one is to identify how much you can afford. Typically, experts recommend for one to put about 25–30% of…

I frequently get asked ‘Where are housing prices heading towards?’ And the implied question is ‘Is this a good time to buy?’

I would argue that what this question misses is that the ‘cost’ to purchase a place is more than just the property’s price but rather one needs to consider:

Property price + Mortgage Rate + Closing Costs + Maintenance/Taxes

Of course, the ideal scenario is that we purchase a ‘cheap’ property at record-low rates with low maintenance and taxes. The more realistic scenario is that we’re in a state of incredibly low rates and an uncertain economy, so…

Ashley and her husband bought their first home without a real estate agent and from people they already knew. Learn more about why.

You are…

Ashley, from @FearfullyMadeCreations and I live in Yuma, Arizona.

Describe your home

3 bed / 2 bath with saltwater pool and 1/3 acre on a quiet cul-de-sac.

You at time of purchase

26 years old, working full-time from home and my husband was 26 years old, working as an air traffic controller at local airport.

Why did you choose to purchase when you did?

We were ready to own our own property. This home was the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood but with the largest yard. We weren’t looking to buy at this time, but this house became available and was offered to us before it was put on the market. …

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Originally published at on May 11, 2020.

Melissa is a high school teacher and the co-founder of Millennial In Debt on Instagram and YouTube. Read her story of how to research and decide to purchase her first home.

You are…

A 31 year old high school teacher in NYC and the co-creator/ founder of @millennialindebt on Instagram and YouTube.

Describe your home

I currently live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom co-op in New York about an hour outside of Manhattan. I currently use my 2nd room as an office/ walk in closet where I film the majority of my YouTube content.

Editor’s note: A co-op, short for “cooperative,” is a housing arrangement where you don’t actually own the property. Instead, you own shares of a corporation, which in turn owns all of the property in the cooperative.

Why did you choose to purchase when you did?

It felt like the right…

Anna bought her first home in NYC in her mid 20s and chose one that used to be a daycare center! Read her story below.

You are…

Anna @youngmoneyplans, a twentysomething in professional investing, and I live in New York City.

Describe your home

1 BR in lower Manhattan, shared with my longtime boyfriend who pays rent.

You at time of purchase

I was in my mid 20s with a high post-grad income, no school debt and ~70% savings rate. While I invested in the public stock market, I wanted to diversify and build more steady rental income.

Why did you choose to purchase when you did?

I had been passively following real estate / interest rates and found the perfect apartment (a gut-reno in my favorite neighborhood). The trigger point was the apartment — which happened to fit my budget. …

Mesha lives in Columbus, OH and is a first-time homeowner with her husband. She purchased while on her debt free journey and shares with us a lesson on pre-approvals vs. pre-qualifications.

You are…

Hi my name is Mesha and my husband and I are first-time homeowners! I run @refillingmywallet, a debt free community (DFC) Instagram page.

Describe your home

My home is a “semi-updated” three bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath, split level house with a yard in Columbus, OH. It was listed at $200k (the very top of our budget) and that’s what we put our offer in at. It’s currently just me, my husband and our dog who loves the fenced in yard!

You at time of purchase

My husband and I had been strung around for the place we were trying to rent for about two months and we…


This is a more personal post than the ones I usually write (real estate blah blah) but it touches on an important topic for me. I struggled with how honest I wanted to be since once it is out in the great-wide-always-overwhelming-and-sometimes-vile internet world, people might love it or people might hate it.

Actual post

As I write this post, my shoulder is in searing pain from a strained rhomboid muscle, or so my googling would make me think. All the slouching from wfh is taking its toll on me. While my shoulder hurts, my mind is seething with much more agony…

Hey Plum,

I’m in the process of saving up enough cash (for a down payment) to buy an investment property. About half way there now and plan to be ready to put a down payment on a house in the next 12–18 months. I’m wondering what to do with my cash savings in the meantime, I’m seeing a lot of speculation about inflation over this upcoming time frame and I am considering the following options:

  1. Keep saving and just putting it in my bank savings account
  2. Invest in something expecting inflation in the next 12–18 months like cryptocurrency or comodities.

Justine Chan

Founder of Live With Plum, the Home buying guide for the modern woman

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