Journey to “An Eternal War Zone”

On the 26th May I am going to the Democratic Republic of Congo & Rwanda for 8 days with a group of guys to build an extension to an existing hospital so that women can have access to pre and postnatal care. We will also be building homes for ex child soldiers.


This is the first question I am asked whenever I tell people about this trip! like many of us, I am always saddened when I see appeals on TV about the poor conditions in other countries. It is always interesting listening to the stories from the celebrities and normal people who physically go out to other countries and witness real poverty first hand, how they are touched by the experience and I always said it would be something I would love to do. Robert F. Kennedy wrote — “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better” & helping others this is one of my guiding principles.

A year ago I was at a conference and one of the speakers worked with a charity called Comfort Rwanda & Congo.

He talked about how 45% of all female deaths in the DRC were attributed to pregnancy or were child birth related. He shared a story about a woman who had been pregnant 6 times, 3 of her children were alive and 3 had died. The only difference being that the 3 living children were born in the hospital his organisation had built there. He said according to the World Health Organisation since the hospital had been built a number of years prior the mortality rate of women and babies had reduced to 19% in that area.

He talked about the ex-child solders that had been rescued and were now in school and despite not having much and living in poor conditions they were still happy and grateful.

As he shared his stories and experiences something struck a chord inside of me and I wanted to help. I did not think how much it would cost or the fact that I would be going to a warzone! I just felt like I had to do something to get involved so I put my name down at once to receive the details.

When the information was released a couple of months later, the cost associated to the trip was a lot more than I had thought, it was a double blow for me as I am self-employed so that period I would be away I won’t be working. Naturally the first thought that crossed my mind was how I am I going to pay for this, but as one of my fav quotes says “Sometimes the best thing you do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best” and I signed up. 9 months later, 8 injections in and counting my trip is paid up and now all I have to do is raise some money towards the work we will be doing and that is where you come in.

We are trying to raise 10K towards the cost of the building equipment to enable us to build the extension, rehouse the child solders as well as do much more.

Check it out here:

If you can donate please do, if not please share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Over the next couple of months, I will be documenting my trip and sharing what I have learnt because as much as I am going to impact the life of others this trip will inevitably leave a lasting impact on my life.

Thanks for reading