Do you realize “life” is seeking you out just as much as you’re seeking it? Have you wondered what’s really in your future? Are you curious to find out? Do you value the variety of options available in this modern age? Are you a willing participant ready to influence every spare moment you have? If not, you might miss participating in opportunities that could have a positive impact on your community, country or the human race.

Options to custom design your life are plentiful especially through technology that advances, space travel that romances and oceanic…

Bitcoin, Goals, Periscope and Love…Oh My!

Happy New Years!

Where are you right now as you read this? Are you looking for something to nourish your soul? Let’s see if this article works.

Right now, our 9 year old is learning how to say hello in all the worlds languages for fun. My husband is watching episodes of the sopranos, I’m listening to bands like Rush and the Police within my 1970’s playlist as I write this. We’re all sitting together doing our own thing and guess what? It works. Sometimes families need their alone time ‘together’ and that’s alright.

Interested in protecting the biggest emotional investment of your life?

Want the bickering moments to stop?

Have you ever wondered why your spouse has no clue why you’re so upset?

We will unravel these mysteries and teach techniques proven to enhance love, meaning and closeness. Find out more in the upcoming self help book The Marriage Prescription in 2018!

About the Author

Shanon Dawn is a certified coach helping couples reconnect with purpose in their marriage because passion doesn’t happen by chance!

The Single Life Is Now Two

Are you single and loving it so far but starting to wonder about how you might settle down?

The mindset of a single person is carefree, no need to worry about supporting or answering to anyone. In this mindset some people can live there forever, but can you? If you’re wondering how to bridge the gap from being single into a committed relationship, here are some quick tips.

Being single means:

There’s time to travel the planet, meet new people, decide on multiple career options, make, lose, spend and invest money, be daring, stay…


Two souls come together combining their history, wishes and expectations to align into one vision of strength channeling into the future. If you didn’t already know who you were before then you will find out through resistance and joy found between the two of you. Love is timeless when a kiss becomes the ultimate moment, when being near one another creates static, and everyone else can come back later, but through time something changes and life evolves into a mirror. Ask someone 10 or 20 years into their relationship what love is and they will tell you that adapting…

Time Management

Procrastination is leaving important matters to the last minute or ignoring emotional signals that trigger fear, doubt or intimidation. When you realize the greater good comes from completing something instead of ignoring it, you will accomplish your task.

Ready to go past the mental boundaries that keep you in gridlock?

1) Become Aware – is the perceived fear accurate? What really will happen if you just go for it and complete the task that’s keeping you looped? Get whatever it is you need done, done and feel the anxiety lift.

2) Avoid masking your fear with distractions. By…

LIFE IS A JOURNEY As you wander down the road in life it pretty much looks like the picture above where it’s open to interpretation. You may enjoy the simplistic plain view or you may want to adorn the road with your golden touches such as plants, trees, buildings, spas, bicycles tennis courts and cute people, plus all of your personal goals, dreams and wishes! Your imagination is open, fertile, sexy and filled with hopes.

So the question becomes what exactly have you been up to while driving down your road? Have you been planting seeds and nurturing the things…

Relationships & Marriage Paths

Have you been to a class for relationships? I have. What you will find there are, focussed discussions, emotions release and progress being made. No one escapes without putting their heart into it. Why else would someone be in a relationship? Good question.

Lots of couples get into relationships to avoid fears of being alone or to fulfill their need to have children, but few get married just for love. There’s often times an agenda with manipulation to get what’s needed in order to feel happy. Sounds harsh but it’s true. …

And Then There Was You….

From the moment we were conceived no one could imagine the vast amount of possibilities percolating in each of our futures.


Living in one of the richest countries of the world there is no excuse for zero success in any area of life. There is exorbitant proof that money, mindset and romance options are always ahead.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that “what we choose” to think about on a daily basis will in fact become our existence. When we wake up the first thoughts should be “today will be a great day”…

Shanon Dawn Life & Relationship Coach. 📚Author of The Marriage Prescription. Follow me on “Instagram @LiveYourWildestDreamsLifeCoach @bickeringstops twitter

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