Time Management

Procrastination is leaving important matters to the last minute or ignoring emotional signals that trigger fear, doubt or intimidation. When you realize the greater good comes from completing something instead of ignoring it, you will accomplish your task.

Ready to go past the mental boundaries that keep you in gridlock?

1) Become Aware – is the perceived fear accurate? What really will happen if you just go for it and complete the task that’s keeping you looped? Get whatever it is you need done, done and feel the anxiety lift.

2) Avoid masking your fear with distractions. By turning your attention to other areas that seem fun can help you relax in the short term but will only add to the insurmountable task of going forward later on when reality taps you once again.

3) You get what you focus on. Stop magnifying what’s not working and start focussing on what will work or what could work. Failing is not the end of something, failing is your teacher. You know it. If you think you’ve learned your entire language in one second, you’re wrong, it was obviously embedded though repetition, mistakes and confusion…but in the end you did it. Some of you out there know more than one language. That’s persevering through failure, self-doubt and procrastination.

4) Procrastination is all about perception. The way you think about your world will either help you progress or standstill. Nothing is impossible, simply understand why you want something and realize the benefits of having it complete. This could be paying bills, making a call to a long lost relative, starting a new journey, there are endless possibilities. The point to remember is to focus on the end result. See yourself already on the other side of the task and understand that’s the best spot to be.

5) Boundaries are the emotional limits we establish to protect ourselves from being manipulated by others. If this keeps you in a procrastinating mood, you’re not alone. We all do this. Start to accept yourself as an imperfect person where your self-worth is not defined by your productivity. The key is to build a lifestyle that is fuelled by desires rather than “do I have to do this”. Set yourself up to win!

I’m Shanon Dawn, a Life & Relationship Strategist. I teach individuals how to live life by design. Author of The Marriage Prescription www.shanondawn.com