INNERGY by Adrian Steriopol: A Disruption in the World of NFTs

Livia Burbulea
3 min readNov 3, 2022


The first Romanian artist to have an NFT collection virtually exhibited on Solana, by SolSea NFT Marketplace.

INNERGY — The first NFT Collection on Solana that brings feelings into motion

I never truly understood the hype around NFTs. I also didn’t think a virtual museum visit would rival the real experience of walking through a museum. I didn’t see how it could feel authentic.

Yet, here I stand corrected: I thoroughly enjoyed a virtual walk through a museum-like space for an NFT collection. More specifically, Adrian Steriopol’s virtual exhibition of NFTs on SolSea.

INNERGY — The First NFT Collection on Solana that Brings Feelings into Motion

When I think of NFTs, I mostly imagine vividly colored designs that seem cartoonish or S.F.-inspired. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. To be honest, I think my perception of NFTs formed when their hype was at its peak. It was that moment when a simple Google search flooded you with Etherium’s Bored Ape collection. So in my mind, they became “the face” of NFTs.

INNERGY changed how I view NFTs. INNERGY is a visual expression of what feelings are. It brings feelings into motion using animated abstract shapes like blobs and blots to display emotions. Adrian designed each NFT manually, without the use of bots. Maybe that’s why Adrian’s simple designs hold such mesmerizing power over anyone looking at them.

Adrian Steriopol’s collection disrupted my preconceptions of NFTs when he created a collection that beautifully blends technology with feelings, universality with uniqueness and simplicity with complexity.

INNERGY — The first NFT Collection on Solana that brings feelings into motion

The Mastermind Behind the Collection

Adrian Steriopol is a 28-year-old multi-dimensional artist specialized in graphic and motion design who lives in Bucharest, Romania.

He created his NFT collection as a side hustle at the end of 2021 and posted it on SolSea. Less than a year later, the collection was chosen to be featured in an exhibition by the SolSea team.

When he told me about his collection getting an exhibition, we chatted a little more about what this means to him:

“I was ecstatic to wake up to a message from the SolSea team telling me they’d love to organize an exhibition for INNERGY. It was an honor for me. I consider this event a milestone in my career, a milestone I didn’t even dream of. I was also super excited when they told me that their team loved my collection from the moment I submitted it.”

INNERGY — The first NFT Collection on Solana that brings feelings into motion

Simplicity That Enthralls

One of the sources of inspiration for Adrian’s when designing INNERGY was the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, a pioneer of modern abstract sculpture. Should you look at some of Brâncuși’s most famous works (Bird in Space, Table of Silence, The Endless Column), you’ll notice the same concept Adrian based his designs on: reducing everything to its simplest form.

You might be tempted to say that this abstract simplification is a downgrade. But that couldn’t be farthest from the truth. Brâncuși’s philosophy was that simplicity means the most accurate form of things. When one reaches the simplest form of something, one has reached the most in-depth level of knowledge that can be reached.

“Simplicity is not the end in art, but we usually reach simplicity as we approach the true sense of things.” — Constantin Brâncuși

I understand why the SolSea team loved this collection so much. Aside from coming up with a fresh approach, Adrian managed two challenging tasks:

  1. he gave abstract things a form, and
  2. he created a simplicity that enthralls. The more you look at Adrian’s designs, the more fascinated you become.

Where can you find INNERGY?

Adrian created for and submitted INNERGY to SolSea NFT Marketplace, the first NFT platform that embeds licenses and unlockable content when minting.

Check out Adrian’s virtual exhibition and enjoy a different way of visiting a museum. While you’re at it, feel free to invest in the colorful blobs and blots of energy exhibited.

👉 Visit the INNERGY collection or the VR exhibition

👉 Adrian’s website



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