My Trip App

This academic project started with my personal experience of (frustating) time organization. I know that most of people have same problem, and I decided to focus my project on one especific theme: traveling.

Planning a trip is really exciting at the beginning: you will have a relaxing moment in an amazing place, spending a great time. But this could became stressful experience, because most of time we didn´t not are organize, or forget some important details. We all want to improve our life quality. For this goal we are always accumulating all sort of activities: go to gym, make health food, take care of our family, get a new good, ect. But what about have a nice and relaxing moment? (one that you just enjoy the present moment, without worrying). With this complex scenario in mind it would be interesting improve travelers experience. In order to avoid a frustrating level of experience would be great to help then at the planning moment, so they could easily enjoy their next trip.

In My trip app, user can add a travel plan, and include all information about it: flights, rental car, hostel or camping and others activities. After that they can have a complete plan, organized and easy for consulting, any where, any time. Users can also invite a friend to travel and plan this trip together.

User testing

After the user testing, I realize problems with login task was very easy for all 4 participants. They could easily understand and complete the task. No participant really read the inicial instrutions in the ‘take a tour’. So it shows that the interface should be more intuitive and clear, so users could navegate without previous knowloge. But I identify that in prototype it is not option for those who don´t want to invite any friend, they couldn´t skip from it. In adition, the function Invite friends is not clear: “ I did know why I invited friend to” — Participant A. Participants was unconfortables because they has no ideia what for it was. So it causes a distrust related to what was going on.

Participants were not confidents about what is going on when see the discover screen. This is an important point because it supoused to be something like a social media, but it appear in a different context (planning a travel). Maybe this was caused because I didn´t put correctly and precisaly informations, so participants found it very difficult to understand what it was about.

Final version

In this final version, I decided to remove some others functions, because it was causing problems to the user understanding. I would like to continuing this project in the future, because there are a lot of things that need refining, and this project has lot of potential.

First screen development

Here is the prototype.

Here is a teaser video.

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