How they became our favourites

“Seven of my favourite ten songs were showed to me by her. The other three she composed it”.

This sentence got me today as a thunder thru my heart. Music is one of my passions. I don’t play any instruments but I listen to music 24/7. I like all the styles, all the beats, sang in any language. When the music hits me It just does it in a completely natural way.

So this is a sentence from a article published by a Brazilian actor. He was talking about his ex-wife and how he misses her besides the broken up. I am 100% romantic and reading the article I started to think about my favourite songs. Last night I was listening to songs with one of my besties and we were saying exactly how our siblings influenced our musical memory.

I don’t have a top ten life songs because almost every day I fall in love with a new song or a new cover. Although, there are songs that reach my heart instantly when played. And I realized It happens because they mean something to me, the lyrics touch me, the beat brings up a memory, the melody starts a deep feeling.

One of my favourites is a song from my teenagerhood. I listened to it a thousand times of course but when I think about this one It reminds me a specific day. I was with two friends, my crime partners at that time, and we were driving so fast on the road, all the windows opened, the song playing loud af, we three singing together, completing each other sentences, exchanges looks. A genuine happy moment. And every time I listen to it all those feelings come to shiver me.

Music is good. Yeah, it is! But music is nothing when we don’t associate it with something, with a person, with friends, with family, with food, with moments. As the brazilian actor, I feel that my favourite songs came from my beloved ones because the ones I didn’t share with them It means nothing by now.

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