Control: A, B & C Principle

Last night on our podcast, we talked about the difference between output and outcome. Output —things we have control over, like our actions, feelings, etc. Outcomes — things that happen to us, which are influenced by our output, but ultimately are out of our control. This brings us to the A, B & C principle.

The phenomenon we call life can be put into these simple terms — things we can control (A) and things we cannot (B & C). In high stake situations, challenging discussion, or just those moments that’ll ruin ones day — we often are upset about the things we can’t control (B & C). Why did this happen to me? Why do I suck? What will everyone think of me? Based on my past, how can I perform well at this now? These are thoughts that many times are concerned with the past or future — both which are irrelevant in the given moment. They are also thoughts aren’t true. Thoughts that mean nothing because they deal with variables B & C — things we can’t or can no longer control.

It’s hard totally dismissing these thoughts. Quite unrealistic to set that expectation. Instead, like my friend Hugh said last night, acknowledge these thoughts for what they are. Be objective. Say to yourself, “These are variables I cannot control.” Focus your energy on what you can control, because really, isn’t that all that matters?


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