How To Choose The Best Crawl Space Liner?

If your abode has a crawl space, you need to be aware of its deficiencies. Crawl spaces are ideal breeding grounds for mold, termites, mildew and various types of insects, especially if you are living in a hot and humid climate and also if the crawl space of your home is not sealed. What happens is that the air from the moist air from the crawl space flows directly into your living room. The moist air brings with it insects and foul odor which fills your room and makes it unfit for living.

Crawl spaces are built since they grant access to plumbing ducts and facilitate ease of air flow. Crawl spaces are also used as storage facility. But in spite of the benefits, crawl spaces come with their fair share of problems as mentioned above. Let’s look at how these problems can plague any homeowner.

An ill-maintained crawl space can wreak havoc in the form of problems such as structural weakening. It is imperative to look for crawl space solutions in Atlanta and schedule a periodic maintenance to protect your home foundation from weakening and falling apart. Structural weakening is mainly effected by moisture, wetness and dampness in your crawl space. The consequences as a result of this includes warped floors or cracks on interior walls or rotten floor beams. Early inspection and repair of the infected beams can save you from the chances of burning a hole in your pocket while replacing the whole foundation.

Crawl spaces which are vented, cold and dark and damp, emit pungent odors. Such a foul smell is a telling sign for accumulation of mold. This deposition of mold can take a serious toll on your home air quality and your health. When the air from the crawl space enters your home, it brings with it mold spores and mildew which ultimately causes respiratory problems and skin rashes. The only solution to this issue is to get a regular inspection done which will help you get rid of rotten wood and keep the space clean.

To save your house from such infestations and prolong its lifespan, you need to choose an excellent crawl space liner. Look for crawl space liners having a thickness of 60 mil. More the thickness, better the insulation. A thick liner will not allow any insects to breed and enter your home. Also, it will keep the crawl space dry. Always look for a crawl space liner which has a zero perm barrier membrane. This liner type will be the best for keeping out moisture and water and keep your basement waterproof. Choosing a crawl space liner that contains 99% pure aluminium foil backing and is energy rated is an ideal one since aluminium foils will reflect most of the heat and keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Before dwelling on the insulation job of your crawl space, it is important to do a research on the internet to find the best crawl space solutions in Atlanta. This will help you in getting quality service and hassle-free installation.