Cleaning HVAC Ducts for Better Performance and Improved Air Quality

According to reports by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the level of pollutants found indoors can be significantly higher than the outdoor levels. The concentration of indoor pollutants increases due to a variety of reasons including outdoor air, use of home cleaning gadgets, pets, and even furniture. Cleaning of the HVAC system reduces the concentration levels significantly. This is why you should hire experienced and trained professionals for HVAC cleaning to achieve pure and clean air. As they have been doing this work for years, they know exactly how to go about with the process of cleaning the ducts to promote healthy living.

Other Benefits of HVAC Duct Cleaning

Apart from the obvious benefits, cleaning an HVAC system leads to higher efficiency due to lower electricity consumption and increases the life of the equipment as well. Cleaning of HVAC ducts is required in case of the following situations –

  1. Consistent damage to the HVAC duct.
  2. Slime or microbial growth in the ventilation duct.
  3. Debris accumulation in the duct network which is preventing the flow of air.
  4. Any kind of stench originating from the duct network or the HVAC equipment.
  5. HVAC duct cleaning should be conducted only after a thorough examination of the source of contamination.
  6. First priority should be preventing dirt and water and other similar contaminants from entering the duct.
  7. Air intakes need to be properly located and preventive measures should be maintained at all times.

When cleaning the HVAC equipment becomes more than necessary, then a cleaning expert needs to be hired who follows the guidelines as is stipulated by the National Air Duct Cleaners’ Association. Their technicians have ample expertise when it comes to cleaning techniques prescribed by the Association for a comprehensive cleaning of the HVAC system. The secret behind the best results is the thorough research which is conducted by experts to find out the root cause of the problem.

Checklist When Considering HVAC Cleaning

If you are planning to clean your HVAC duct network, then the National Air Duct Cleaners’ Association provides a checklist for it.

This checklist specifies the guidelines which one must follow before awarding the contract of cleaning to any company. If the language is too tough, then there are a number of companies of repute which offer free photo documented inspections to help you take stock of whether the HVAC needs to be cleaned or not. You can thus contact one of the HVAC cleaning companies who specialize in vent cleaning at both industrial and residential levels.