2 years ago I quit my relatively high-paying corporate job.. 🙌

At this point I had enough passive income coming in from affiliate marketing, that I’d never have to work a job again..

Wanna know how I did it? 🤔

I didn’t focus on trying to make a million dollars online..

I didn’t even worry about how to make 6 figures at first..

I focused 100% on figuring out how to earn just $200/day online..

Because $200/day is what it takes for most people to be able to quit their 9–5 job..

Sure, you might think 6k/month isn’t going to give you a very comfortable lifestyle, but unless you live in NYC or San Francisco, it’s probably enough to at least cover your basic living expenses.. 🏡

If you’re still working a 9–5 job, and you want to be financially free, you need to be focusing ALL of your spare time and energy right now on figuring out how to earn just $200/day online, so you can get rid of your job..

Because once you free up the time and energy that you’re spending right now building your employer’s business and dreams, you can focus entirely on pursuing your own dreams..

Since leaving my job, I’ve doubled my income, and am now able to spend my time and energy scaling my business from 6–7 figures.. 💰

So don’t worry about how to become a millionaire right now..

Just worry about how to make $200/day online..

2018 is the easiest time EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY to do this.. 💯

Especially when you have tools like ClickFunnels, and opportunities like the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program..

Don’t look back on this time in history full of regret because you were too busy building your boss’ business to pursue your own dreams..

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