Dumb Terminal Settings

How Dumb CAN they be?? You decide…

So, I’ve been told that the people who are ACTUALLY going to be reading this blog have absolutely no interest in the soft stuff-yanno, what it takes to live a life in the mind of one, Laurie McGee, and such.

Apparently, these individuals are much more-so into the walls I’m hitting, the challenges I’ve so amazingly overcome and, well, let’s face it-they want the problems. Thus, by popular demand, here’s a problem:

Running via Spring preloaded in process 16007

Loading development environment (Rails 5.0.2)

No entry for terminal type “$Revision: 53141 $”;

Using dumb terminal settings.

#and then the kicker:


I mean COME ON-what is that even supposed to MEAN, and why in the heck are you still teasing me with the whole-go ahead, use your terminal-bit?

Better yet, considering I barely understand terminal commands (okay, okay, I get the important ones), you should see some of the google answers that are oh so incredibly straight forward and helpful (/s). And yes, I HAVE typed various versions of the aforementioned problem, utilizing my semi-useful Boolean tactics as my search string, and no, not none of these versions have helped.

I just, ugh.

Honestly-could it not have just been a problem with some sort of file misplacement, or-hey, I’d even take a forgotten ‘end’ (or ‘;’, am I right, or am I right?)? Of course not, because then I wouldn’t be writing this entire post ranting about the problem in the first place. Come on Laurie, get your shit together, you’re talking to yourself now, you’re literally losing it…

Okay, so maybe we put this bad boy on pause, so I don’t just revel in my frustration and I’ll let you know what I come up with-good deal? Good deal.