Who even ARE you

You may be thinking to yourself: “Aight Laurie, how did we get here in the first place? Who even are you, what’s with all the sass, and how in the world did you end up in Chicago’s central tech hub, learning how to develop full stack web apps? Do you even know computer?”

If you had asked me this question five years ago-hell if you had asked me A year ago — I’d ask which universe you were from, Morty (it’s ok if you don’t understand that reference).

Right now? Makes perfect sense. All moments in my life have pointed to this crux-

*shouts in a ‘This-is-Sparta’-style manner, “THIS IS MY ONE TRUE CHANCE FOR GREATNESS”*

-and I’ll now Tarantino this post into just how we got here, dear reader:

I have always had an immense passion for science.


Me too, which is why I opted out of any sort of research-based profession, even though the concept of Neuro-Marketing to this very day, is just — well, it’s what another post should be about, is what it is….

I could never be a researcher, I could absolutely NEVER teach (shout out to my two sisters, who are High School Chemistry/Biology Teachers!), let’s just face it — I’m not patient enough to get a Ph.D, and god help me if I ever thought I could be a Doctor (cheers to you, SWTD) — but oh boy did the idea of being able to directly target an individuals’ truest interests based on truly logical brain functions…you could say I had high hopes to get into Neuro-based Marketing.

….cue the Bachelor’s in Business, with a Concentration in Marketing, and my dear reader, I now refer you back to the patience required to get THAT Ph.D, as well as where I said research was a snooze to me…

So I graduate with this fancy shmancy degree, set out to take on the big city….

And then the real world happened.

And I needed a career.

And I still had absolutely NO clue what I wanted to do.

And then BINGO-in order to figure out what I want to do, I can RECRUIT for all of these different jobs, functions, industries, companies (I think you get the point here, my friend) and take a lil bit of information into account when, yanno, only choosing the rest of my career for forever…

So I did it! I was on the National IT team with the Addison Group, here in Chicago for around two and a half years, collecting my career-driven data, and I now know more about the job market and IT industry than I EVER could have imagined possible — and I know EXACTLY what I want to do!

What could this possibly be?

A freaking awesome Web Developer that in some way and some form, is able to help others through my understanding of IT.

Sounds like a fairly vague life-goal, huh?

Guess what, my dearest reader — it is SUPER vague and that’s just how I want it — don’t worry, I’ve got the process and outcome goals to get there, which are quite a bit more specific. But as for now, I’d like to leave my dreams fluid — I love development and I love helping others, so I’ll focus on controlling what I can and enjoy the ride!

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