SimpleShots: Telling HipStory Through Sound and Sight

“Simplicity is the most purest form of art. Being able to keep it simple with The Bank allows me to be able to be as creative as possible” — Cliff Notez

Words by Joshua Harris | Photography by Cliff Notez

In order for history to repeat itself, it has to first be told. One Boston collective is setting out to do so. HipStory, a multi-genre, multi-media label for creatives has their sights set on redefining the future history of hip-hop, through enhancing the communal aspect of artistry, and showcasing the diversity of art forms within hip-hop.

“Hip-Hop is one of the most diverse music genres ever made. Within Hip-Hop, you can find elements of almost every genre, from Rock, Jazz, and House, all the way to Swing and classical,” States Cliff Notez, Founder/Creative Directer at HipStory. Cliff, a Boston native currently getting his Masters in Digital Media at NorthEastern University, was raised in various neighborhoods surrounding the Boston Area: Dorchester, Roxbury, Somerville, Cambridge. After receiving a basketball scholarship to The Taft School, he was able to combine his newfound Prep school exposure, with his diverse upbringing to establish a unique perspective on the arts.

In conjunction with his role at HipStory, Cliff uses this diversity in his work with the Institution of Contemporary Art in Boston, where he runs media programming for teens throughout the state. The program teaches them a foundational skill set in photography, film, music production, DJ’ing and Spoken Word.

In 2014, Cliff brought his experience and platform to the screen, teaming up with Spoken Word Poet, Shane Romero to produce, “Mouse Trap”, a poetry short film aimed at stopping gun violence in urban communities.

Whether it be film, sonics, or art installation, HipStory is rooted in positively influencing the future.

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