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THE DATA? My brother has worked a job and a half most of his life. My other brother is killing himself driving a cab. Are you kidding me?

I thought that hunger was irradiated in this country. We have food stamps after all. I walked a couple of blocks away from my house, a few blocks away from Obama’s mansion in Chicago and the people who live in that area would beg to differ with you. Let’s not even talk about what I saw walking the streets of downtown San Diego, one of the riches cities in this country.

7 million people in this country have zero income other than food stamps. Have you seen how people who live on SSI survive? There is no hell on this earth like it. What data could they possibly be looking at?

Black folks lost, in the last 10 years, nearly all of the wealth they accumulated these past 100 years. What data are they looking at? Yes, we are going to college in record and graduating with record debt. The unemployment rate for Black college graduates is double that of White college graduates. We are earn less and we are also underemployed. 50% of our children under 25 are unemployed What data shows that we are doing better? Is that the same data that shows the economy is improving or that wages are increasing.

How dare you compare 2016 income to 1967 income without comparing 2016 expenses to 1967 expenses. I could buy a candy bar for a nickle in 1967.

I agree that violence is decreasing. BUT when it is YOUR CHILD gunned down by a drug dealer because police are killing unarmed citizens rather than arresting the violent criminals, that argument is weak.

Vote for Hillary if that is what trips your trigger. Don’t insult me. Trump is NOT WRONG. Black folks need the same help that poor White people need. It is not wrong to address their NEEDS.

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