UK after EU over Brexit

Britain and the European Union are at odds over how soon the Brexit talks can pivot towards a trade deal just a week before negotiations are set to resume.

Theresa May’s government is under pressure (no doubt).

This situation may unnerve investors and U.K. wants to change the narrative that it’s been too vague about its destiny

The original hope was to reach an agreement in October — in time for a summit of EU leaders — but that is now in doubt.

“There are so many difficult topics on the table, difficult issues there, that one cannot expect all those issues will be solved according to the schedule made in the first place,” Slovenia’s Cerar told the Guardian. “What is important now is that the three basic issues are solved in reasonable time.”

“To be now, a couple of months down the line, trying to reopen the issue reeks of desperation at an approaching economic storm and a cabinet who don’t have a clue,” said Liberal Democrat lawmaker Tom Brake, who speaks for the party on Brexit.

The future is uncertain, but U.K. guys will find a way, against EU regulations (?).

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