Reducing Development Costs In Software Development

This is a short story about how I massively reduced development costs without firing anyone and got promoted to CTO in less than one year.

Last year I was promoted from a Team Leader to a Project Manager position.
It was the first time I had to be aware of the finances and manage the costs of a project, not just the team.

One of my targets was to reduce development costs by 20%, I ended up reducing them by 70%.

Step 1
I moved all our infrastructure from a local private server provider to AWS.

Step 2
Another target of mine was to implement solid automated testing for our product. The problem was that we had only manual testers and the cost for hiring experienced Test Automation Engineers was pretty high.
Another problem was that we had to test our product across different operating systems, browsers and mobile devices, building such an infrastructure can be really expensive (tens of thousands of USD).

So we started using Endtest, amazing product, they provide a platform for codeless automated testing and a huge cloud infrastructure.
We got our automated tests up and running in less than a week. And the cost? Just 50 USD per month.

Step 3
Don’t pay for tools you don’t need, they tend to add up.
We started using Fleep for internal communications, that’s just one example.

Step 4
Go out of your way to keep your current employees instead of neglecting them and hiring new ones, the cost for training just one employee can be incredibly high. So take care of your current team.

Thank you for reading this.

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