Sowing the seeds of OKRs

My backyard on August 16, 2016

1. Stressing out about getting started is overrated

Written on October 6th, 2016

2. Identifying appropriate metrics felt easier for personal OKRs

OKRs, better than sticks amirite™️
The proto-garden, fenced, sown, October 12, 2016.

3. Positive external accountability with progress not performance

4. Code Red! Keeping the boat afloat

Take care of your people first or your project won’t matter anyway.

5. Weekly emails made this retrospective easy

my favorite thread in the inbox

6. I actually got the thing done

The garden on November 25, 2016
They are really delicious.

So, are Personal OKRs worth it?

“So much of my practice is just showing up each week. If I’m a day late, or don’t reach my goals, I have to remind myself that’s why I do this. OKRs are shoot for the moon goals, so making them all the way isn’t always possible. And it’s about having a rhythm in my life, a way to remind myself what I want and to keep working on it.”

How do I get started?




Digital products and bread.

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Livia Labate

Livia Labate

Digital products and bread.

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