Finding yourself in others—in the world, via Anne Lister.

I have been watching the TV show Gentleman Jack. That is, I have been repeatedly and obsessively watching and rewatching the 8-episode first season with the fervent devotion that a theologian may read the Quo-ran or the Bible.

This show introduced me to Anne Lister, a person I was unaware of up until last month and who I now found, is someone I can so deeply empathize with that I am in a state of shock.

Anne Lister (played by Suranne Jones) looking deeply into my soul (or a dissected baby)

She wrote four million words over her lifetime, in the form of personal diaries (a sixth of which in coded language to keep secret…

Unless you are a trained therapist.

Dumb Ways to Die

I saw a tweet today, asking “If you could tell one piece of advice to yourself at 21, what would it be?” and without hesitation I thought, don’t work with psychopaths. You’d think you could handle it but you’d be wrong. I always thought I could, and I was wrong. You can’t outsmart a pathology.

I learned about a management tool many years ago called the Delta File. The idea is to maintain a written document, for your eyes only, where you capture observed behaviors (and consequences) that you find objectionable.

The purpose is…

A 90-day experiment with Objectives and Key Results

My backyard on August 16, 2016

Note: If you are new to OKRs, check out The Art of The OKR.

I’ve followed Christina Wodtke’s writing on OKRs for a long time and have been intrigued about how she’s adapted them for personal use as I watch her kick ass and take names (and write books, and travel, and cook, and eat amazing things, and so on).

Five months ago I moved to Kigali, Rwanda with my family, where I am taking a year off; my living circumstances, outlook and energy level have changed significantly. …

Note: This took place today in my kid’s room while she was playing dress-up and getting all her stuffed animals ready for a trip (to the living room). I was sitting with her, working on my laptop.

— Mamãe, what is happening on your computer right now?
— I have some programs and files open and I’m using them.
— What is a program?
— Programs do things for you.
— What things?
— It can be many things. Do you want to see some?
— Yes.

— This program is called Photo Booth. It helps you take photos. Want…

Adaptive & Responsive are not opposite ends of the same spectrum. Here’s how we keep talking past each other while thinking we know what we mean.

“I need more than a Responsive site, I need it to be Adaptive”. This is a thing I keep hearing. Except it is not a thing that exists. Every time I hear it I have an Inigo Moment™.

I understand the future is unevenly distributed and takes time for new concepts to get absorbed and a common language to emerge across a community of practice, so if at all possible, we should help move…

Why I am ready for smart glasses

I don’t want a bluetooth headset. People look ridiculous using it because it’s indistinguishable from talking to oneself and for as long as talking to oneself is socially frowned upon, we’ll think it’s ridiculous. I personally really don’t want to remember to charge and pair another device. Thank you, but no. I don’t need a device that does a redundant function to a device that is already in my pocket. I have a life to live.

I don’t want a smart watch. I have not worn a watch in years and in the special occasions in which I choose to…

What we do and what we talk about as UX practitioners versus how we do and how we talk about it.

I’m ambivalent about talks at conferences that are about how a person tried a technique or method once and how it helped them. On one hand, I want to encourage people to share their experiences, on the other hand, one’s single experience is not really valuable insight into the usefulness, appropriateness or applicability of something to general practice.

This problem is more severe when people talk about very established methods. No, I do not get anything out of your single experience of doing closed card sorts. Yes, I would find…

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