SEC Stack Up

The University of Mississippi and Louisiana State University have a deep-rooted rivalry that is deeper than sports. For many students the choice of SEC College the schools sports play a bigger impact on the decision than the education.

Louisiana State University’s in-state tuition is $9,714 and out of state is $26,877. Ole Miss’ in-state tuition is $7,444 and out of state is $20,674.

Zane Gilbert, senior Communications major at Louisiana State University, had a tough time choosing between LSU and Ole Miss.

Gilbert is from Mandeville, LA, about an hour from Baton Rogue.

“It was hard for me to decide between the two because everyone from high school goes to LSU,” Gilbert said. “I decided to go with LSU because in the long run it was cheaper and I did not have to worry about out of state tution.”

44% of the student body at Ole Miss receives Federal Student Loans that is 8,007 students, averaging out to $6,643 per student. LSU 30% of their students, totaling out to 7, 593 receive Federal Student Loans, costing $6,596 a student.

Comparing LSU to Ole Miss the difference is definitely noticeable.

Fall of 2015 The University of Mississippi’s School of Business makes up 17.7%, 3,688 students of the University’s 20, 827 total population.

LSU’s E.J. Ourso College of Business made up 2,505 students in the Fall 2015 enrollment showing it to be smaller than Ole Miss’ School of Business.

According to College Scorecard, University of Mississippi is 77% white students and 13.4% African American.

This past year Ole Miss increased their total population to 23, 212 and 18,785 undergraduate students.

Louisiana State University made up a total of 31,524 students and 26,156 undergraduates last year. With 74% of white undergraduate students and 11% of African American undergrads.

According to U.S. News Ole Miss is ranked #114 in college business programs. LSU is a little further ahead with their business programs coming in at #94. Both SEC universities tied #135 for national universities.

Ranking the two SEC colleges through their education according to National Center of Educational Statistics LSU comes in at #10 while Ole Miss falls into last place at #14. The ratings are based on affordability, career preparedness and admissions acceptance.

For University of Mississippi graduation rates are 39% in four years, 58% in five years and 61% in six years.

Emma Polimeno, recent graduate of The University of Mississippi received a degree in Risk Management and Insurance.

“I found it a challenge to graduate in four years but it is definitely doable,” Polimeno said. “I wouldn’t have been able to finish within the four years if it wasn’t for the few summer classes I took.”

Danielle Steib, junior Marketing major at Louisiana State University, chose LSU for their environment that the business school offers.

“The business school allows their students to become involved with one another and helping us to become organized and professional,” Steib said. “For me it makes going to class a more positive experience.”

Polimeno and Steib agree that both schools have great teachers, which helps with learning the material and preparing you for the real world.

“The Business school really helps their students prepare for graduation,” Polimeno explains. “The career fairs they offer helped me find a job right after graduating that I actually enjoy.”

She goes on to say, “Although no one can truly prepare you for the adult world because it sucks.”

Polimeno is from Boston and being so far away from home, she wanted a school that felt like a home away from home.

“I instantly fell in love with the campus and could picture myself making life long friends all while getting the education my parents wanted me to have,” Polimeno said.

Louisiana State University’s graduation rates prove to be higher and faster with, 41% in four years and 63% in five years.

Steib could graduate from LSU this coming May because she received two high school semesters of college credits.

“LSU offers me a great education that will prepare me for the future combined with a great college football team,” Steib said. “I am a huge football fan and LSU combines everything in a college I could want.”

According to College Scorecard, Salary after graduating Ole Miss is $40,500, which is above the average salary of $33,400. LSU students earn $45,800, which is also above the national average.

When it comes down to it Louisiana State University and The University of Mississippi offer many of the same incentives giving you a great education and college experience no matter where you choose.