First 30 days being vegan.

For a month and a half now, I have been living on a plant based diet. I’m still so new to it and most of the time I basically have no idea what I’m doing. Anyway, I just thought I would go through my lifestyle, my diet and general thoughts around the topic.

I first decided to go vegan after watching the documentary ‘What The Health’ on Netflix. A few people had recommended that I watch it, but I didn’t realize how drastically it would change my views. I’ve always been curious about being vegan and to be honest I am surprised it has taken me this long to change my diet. I am an animal lover and I always buy 100% cruelty free beauty products, so WHY had I been eating meat and dairy for so long?!

Whilst watching the documentary I felt continuously sick throughout. Although it’s probably heavily biased, I cannot ignore the way it made me feel. I went vegan for the sole reason that I had been well and truly put off meat and animal products. Especially having eaten seafood pasta that evening and feeling as though it was swimming around my stomach- basically I was a massive drama queen about the whole ordeal.

I have not touched non vegan foods since that night, which actually was really challenging at first, as I was on the very small island of Mljet in Croatia. Where we were staying was a tiny village with a handful of restaurants, 1 little shop and had no cooking facilities in our hotel. We ended up eating at the same place 3 times and ordering the same thing each time. Safe to say chips and grilled vegetables will not be requested in the near future. Oreos and skittles also became our best friends. This is where we were definitely doing vegan wrong. Moving on from Mljet to Dubrovnik we had full cooking facilities and we were able to be more creative, however we were still using excessive carbs within meals. But the real change came when we arrived in Prague! There were SO many vegan places to eat and we really did take advantage of this.

Since coming home to the UK and moving in with my boyfriend, who has also (mostly) gone vegan, it’s been an absolute doddle. Our meals are always heavily vegetable based and packed with goodness, although we still do snack a lot, which I need to stop. I think when you first go vegan you do tend to eat a lot more sugary and salty foods- the aim is to stop doing this, but everything is so damn tasty. I have a lot of learning to do, and I also have a lot of improving to do within the kitchen.

Berlin Wall Museum.

Although I absolutely love being vegan and could never go back now, it does come with its difficulties. One major difficulty is other peoples reactions. For some reason it has become this big thing that talking about being vegan is annoying and to some extent I do agree, which makes no sense at all. In the beginning I said I wasn’t going to tell anyone, this was easy because I was away travelling and therefore didn’t really have anyone to tell! However since coming home it does slip out, accidentally. I can hear people getting bored but I just have so much to say about it! I guess that’s why I’m writing this. It’s so strange how many people just cant fathom the idea of not eating meat… I understand that people want to and I would never say (for health reasons) that they shouldn’t, but some people seem genuinely offended at the idea of cutting it out completely.

Ultimately I don’t care what other people think. I know this is the right diet for me because my views on the meat and dairy industry have changed and I can’t support them. Not only this but I feel so much better after meals- never feel too full or physically ill and my general mood has been lifted! Personally, I’m all for going vegan.

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